January 3, 2013


When I'm bored, I do quizzes! So here's one I found on Tumblr:

1. If you could live anywhere else, where would you?
  • Nashville, LA, or South Carolina. They're just perfect for me! Plenty of things to do and a lot of places to people watch. I love the city and I love the country too, so any of these would be easy to consider "home."
2. What is your favorite TV show character and why?
  • I have way too many favorite characters from each of the shows I watch; The Office- Pretty much Jim...But, also Jim and Pam, Friends-Chandler and Rachel, Gilmore Girls-Rory, One Tree Hill-Haley. I like them for their strength and usually I love the characters that are most like me. I mean that in a sense that I like real people who are represented on TV, not crazy people doing random things that would never in a million years happen. I like it when they have sarcasm, are witty, have the same interests as mine, and have big goals/dreams, all of which these have.
3. Where are you from?
  • California
4. Disney or Europe?
  • Well, since this is really hypothetical and I've already been to Disneyland...I would definitely go to Europe! I can go to Disneyland anytime! And I've always wanted to visit Europe. There are so many incredible places to visit over there.
5. What is your favorite book?
  • The Last Song or Safe Haven... or really any other Nicholas Sparks book! I really love his style of writing.
6. What is the most annoying fandom you are in? And the most amazing one?
  • I think every group has their "crazies", but honestly I'd have to say the most amazing ones are One Tree Hill and Carrie Underwood. They're the groups that I've made some of the greatest friends in.
7. If you could get married to any celebrity, who would it be?
  • Nick Jonas for sure! 
8. What countries have you been to?
  • Just the USA and Mexico.....
9. What is your favorite movie?
  • Titanic, 13 Going On 30, Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, Father Of The Bride; any chick flick or comedy I'm usually into if they don't go too far like The Hangover or any of those.
10. Do you have pets?
  • Yup! Two cats :) But, I really want a Border Collie. That will never happen until I move out. HAHA!
11. Are you in love/ have a crush?
  • Not so much! I've basically given up on that right now, because it never seems to pay off. It's good to be free of worrying about that anyway.

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