January 3, 2013

5 Reasons Why Jim Halpert Is My Hero

Best Jim scene EVER! 
  1. If you're patient with something, yet do your best to get what you want, it WILL pay off in the long run. Jim let Pam know how he felt, but she was with Roy at the time, and you know what? Nothing happened for the longest time. He tried to move on, but it still wasn't working...and long story short, he ended up getting the girl of his dreams. Just because something isn't happening right when you want it to, doesn't mean it will never happen. I think about some of the people that I think that a relationship is never going to happen with, because timing is off or he's dating someone else...Or he's a popstar...whatever. Never say never! One of these days it can happen. It did for Jim. 
  2. Jim is still one of the good guys left in this world, or represents the fact that somewhere out there (possibly in Pennsylvania) that there are still guys that treat women like true gentlemen. They're not pushovers or anything like that, but they're strong enough to treat ladies out there like they should be treated. 
  3. He's not crude or vulgar, but he is witty and hilarious! In fact, I always thought Michael Scott was the best before I started really watching the show, just because I loved Steve Carell. Now, I can say that after watching the entire series, Jim is truly the glue that holds it all together. With the crazy personalities (besides Pam) that are in that office, he is the voice of reason. I respect that.
  4. Jim has reminded me that sometimes we get comfortable with where we're at in life. Sometimes he has an attitude like this is as good as things are going to get, but he dreams of doing more. It's just that he has such a great job, where he works with his wife, some "friends" and he knows the system...Why mess with it, you know? I can understand that, and to be honest, that's where I am right now. I'm comfortable with my day to day schedule, because nothing out of the ordinary is happening, and to some degree, I like it that way. But, when the right thing comes along...You just have to jump at the first chance you get, because you don't know when another one is going to come around.
  5. His honesty and loyalty. Jim is just one of those really trustworthy guys and that's why I love him so much overall. When he goes away for a business trip and that Kathy chick tries to sleep with him. The way he handles it and is so awkward with the fact that she's even trying that is amazing. He's always there for Pam and his friends at The Office; he always comes through for others, even Dwight in his time of need. That's part of his charm and what makes him such a loveable character.
 I'm really going to miss him when the show is over!

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