December 31, 2012

The Weekend Review

This was quite a different weekend than most, but it was still good. It was pretty laid back, with not much going on, which was nice. I guess the winter is pretty dead compared to how we usually are going during the summer.

I ran a few errands with my mom, and we ended up shopping for something to wear when we go to Vegas for my birthday. I wasn't sure I was up for it, but after we got started, it ended up being pretty fun! We went to The Marketplace for lunch, then looked around at a few boutiques. They're really some of the nicest stores we have around town, and it's a pretty cool area outside.

On the way home, I needed some caffeine to perk me up, and luckily I still had some money on the gift card my friend sent me for Christmas, so I got a caramel macchiato. It was so good! We came home; my mom took a nap, and I finished up season 8 of The Office, which just really makes me sad. Now what am I supposed to do with my nights? I say re-watch them all over again. I feel like I already have the season memorized to the point where I can go back to my favorite episodes, which is exciting. That night, we went out to dinner; tried a new restaurant that opened up, and ended up running into some old family friends from church. It was good seeing them again, then we came home and I turned to to catch up on the current season of The Office.

I woke up from a dream of a stalker following me, and he looked like something out of an 80s movie. I later found out that "stalker" dreams mean you have unfulfilled life goals. Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out, and that's exactly what the problem is. It haunts me every day to be honest. I heard my mom taking down some of the Christmas decorations inside the house. I figured I should probably help out, so I got up and threw on my sweatshirt and UGGS to help! My dad brought home sandwiches from a local shop for lunch, which was so good. Then, we got right to work with helping my dad take down all of the lights on the outside. It didn't last long at all, and we were laughing and joking around. I felt more cheerful than when we were putting them up, which is really sad.
When we finished with the lights outside, we came inside; my mom finished some things in the living room and I decided to tackle my room, which was driving me nuts. I actually found it to be fun. I listened to a little Kate Voegle and Tyler Hilton, which were really great at perking things up. It felt so nice to actually have accomplished something and to be able to find everything that I needed, instead of just tripping over it.

I finally started getting ready a little after 4; took a shower, got dressed, put on makeup, etc. and I was ready to go. I went to Sizzler for dinner with my parents, which was good. But, I think my favorite part was the interesting conversations we had. We talked about what we thought the top show/albums were for the year and random stuff like that. My dad also asked me what I wanted for my birthday, even though I've technically already gotten everything I could possibly want. I really couldn't think of anything for quite awhile, then said I'd really like to see a few of the filming locations for The Office, because I've been checking into it, especially with it being the last season. AH! He acted like it could be a possibility, so there's that...

After we ate, we went to my grandparents' house, so my mom could set up a new sound system my uncles and dad got my grandpa for Christmas. We also just hung out with them, which was cool, and I actually talked to them more this time. I was telling them about my schedule for school next semester, and they were saying I should get a job and suggesting things I could do.

All of a sudden, I started freaking myself out about all of these possibilities and how I really need to start stepping it up and getting some things together, whether it's with a job or an internship, because this whole sitting around, watching Netflix all day is getting a little old...So, we'll see. And things just went a little downhill from there; I had a pretty rough night and was ready to go home by that point. A little while later, we left and told my grandparents we would see them on Tuesday for New Year's day.
I was not feeling so great as we left, and it was just one of those 'I need ice cream nights' Luckily, my dad is pretty much always down for that idea. We got a Mcflurry from McDonald's and headed home. I got ready for bed and watched one of my favorite episodes of The Office and squealed like a little fangirl over Jim and Pam. I just love how realistic they are (more on that later).

This was pretty much my feeling....Jim just always has the best expressions. 

This morning was pretty typical! I woke up in plenty of time to get ready for church, then off we went. 

Service was good, but I was about to lose it. I had so many thoughts running through my mind, and I was feeling anxious and antsy. But, it woke me up to some things I need to do differently and some things I need to address in my life again that I've been brushing under the rug and just trying to ignore.
We had lunch at Chili's, which was good and our waiter, Oscar was very peppy and entertaining. From there, we ran to Target and Kohl's, where I got some clothes, Kelly Clarkson greatest hits CD, and the movie, Big Miracle with John Krasinski.
When we got home, I ended up watching the pilot of Grey's Anatomy and my cat must've known that I needed a little extra TLC today, because she immediately jumped up and lay right next to me. This time, I didn't push her away. It was really sweet. My mom made me a peppermint milkshake and the rest of the afternoon was pretty chill, just taking down the ornaments from the Christmas tree, etc.

Tonight, we ran a couple more errands and grabbed dinner at Del Taco and came home to watch The Trouble With The Curve. The problem with me watching movies at home is that sometimes I don't pay as much attention to the story line because I'm busy messing with my phone or whatever. When I finally started paying attention and the movie picked up the pace a bit, it was really good. And I thought Justin Timberlake was fantastic in it! I'll just always love him. That's what happens when he's your first crush ;) LOL.
When the movie ended, we packed up the last of our Christmas stuff (the tree) and officially said goodbye to the season. It went rather quickly, and while I'm still a little bitter that I didn't get to see a lot of the movies I wanted to, it was a really good time.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012...A little overwhelming when you think of it like that...But, here's to making it count :)


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