May 27, 2012

Waiting, Wondering, Wishing

I'm sitting in the foyer at church just waiting for the next service to start. I feel like something more creative should come out of this, but it's not flowing quite yet. I'm by myself, which I, unlike a lot of people, don't mind. I like being alone with my thoughts...waiting, wondering and wishing about what's to come. It's nice being able to take a step back and take in what's going on. Sometimes I get so caught up being inside of it that it becomes too much to handle. So, like I said, this is nice.

About 15 minutes later:
I was about to close the blogger app , when a lady came up to me to ask about the new home groups we started not too long ago. I told her I wasn't involved, but needed to get connected again. She said, "Well, the only way to get connected is to just get out there." I agreed with her. The theme for the group is How God Turns Bad Things Around. The lady, who I later found out that her name is Julie, explained to me how true that sermon was for her life. She explained how the past couple years she had been at her lowest of lows, but God truly changed them around for her. Listening to all that she had been through and the faith and strength she had was truly inspiring. She told me to just believe that things will turn around and humble myself to the Lord when I'm going through tough times, even though it's easy to be discouraged.

I was in the right place at the right time today to hear what she had to say. And there's a reason I hadn't finished this post quite yet. It's good to observant and open to what's around you. You never know when something or someone is going to walk into your life and give you those words of encouragement from God that you needed to hear.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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