June 1, 2012

Those Darn Brady's

It's 5: 40 a.m and I woke up sick...again. I always feel really creative at this time of night/morning, so I thought I'd get something done while trying to take my mind off of being sick. I turned on The Brady Bunch, which I haven't seen in the longest time. It's the episode where Marcia's journal gets mixed up with the other books that Carol is giving away to charity. In it, she's written her innermost thoughts and feelings...mainly about Desi Arnez Jr. I used to love this episode when I was younger and still do. As much as I want to make fun of her for talking to her diary about some crazy, far-fetched celebrity crush...I've been there too, I'll admit, and I'm sure you have too.

I love the scene when Alice and Marcia are talking to one another at the kitchen table and Marcia is going on and on about how cute he is and how wonderful he is when Alice says, "I knew his mom's housekeeper. She says Desi Arnez Jr. is a real groovy kid." Marcia responds with, "I just knew it!" I couldn't help but laugh at that one.
Then, when Cindy says to Marcia, "You're talking to me still? But, I thought I ruined your life." Marcia says in a cheery tone, "You did, but I forgive you." Which I took this to translate to, "Yeah, you did ruin my life, but I'm going to grace you with my forgiveness and you should really feel special about that fact." Is it just me or was Marcia just a tad overly dramatic with everything that happened to her? (i.e football nose breaking incident) Or maybe it wasn't so much the incident that happened to her, it was what she made everyone go through after they did something to her...ON ACCIDENT.
And of course, the infamous scene when Desi Arnez Jr. kisses Marcia on the cheek, "I'm never washing this cheek again!" She holds her hand close to her cheek with this ginormous smile on her face. I know my family and I have imitated that scene on several occasions, not always with the cheek though, because really it's interchangeable with a lot of things.

As I was watching, I noticed a couple things that I'd never really noticed before. First off, how put together Mrs. Brady always was. She just always seemed to have the answer to everything, it didn't matter what was going on. But, I guess most of the mom's at that time did. They could do everything from grocery shopping and doing the household chores to solving problems and making everyone else feel bad about themselves, because after all...they aren't them. And they always just had a certain charm and elegance about them, making even the worst of compliments came out sounding so good.
Another thing I noticed was...Why did the girls always call Mike, dad? I mean Marcia was probably ten or so when he came into the picture and Jan was just a couple years younger. They were both old enough to realize what was going on and to remember their dad for the most part...so why wouldn't she call him Mike? Maybe its just been awhile since I've seen the earlier episodes. Besides, whatever happened to their dad in the first place??

See...this is what I do with my time. I sit here and analyze old TV shows. You're jealous, I know ;) (Totally kidding!) Well, I've moved onto I Love Lucy now. I shall let you know if anything really sparks out at me with this show that I feel the need to blog about.

That's all for now,

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