May 29, 2012

Hospitals Freak Me Out

It's 10 p.m on a Tuesday night. I'm sitting in the ER of our local hospital surrounded by screaming kids, sick people coughing, people with interesting language and looks and the aroma of that nauseating hospital smell as you walk through the doors. I always think it will get better... But no, it never really does. I'm a germophobe when it comes to these things and I feel like I have to burn everything and shower immediately after getting home. Throughout my life, hospitals have always seemed to play a big role. Both of my grandma's were diagnosed with cancer. One when I was ten years old and the other when I was sixteen. Both were in hospitals for a month or so at a time and we were there daily. Hospitals just make me anxious and awkward, but it became easier to be around to some degree. But gosh, that smell never goes away. Ick!
My grandpa was admitted into the hospital this evening because he was having back pain. They were running tests so we weren't sure whether or not he could have visitor's. My dad decided to come down here anyway, but apparently only two people at a time can go to his room. So, my mom and I are just sitting in the waiting, fun!
As I sit here, it seems as though all of the noises are heightened and everything is so extreme. I'm trying to keep my head down as much as possible. I learned that little tip from Luke Danes of Gilmore Girls. Wise guy, that one! The second he looked up, he saw a guy with a screwdriver stuck in his head. So.. The moral of the story is: When you're at a hospital, keep your head down as much as possible and you'll be good. You just never know what you're going to see here!

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