May 29, 2012

Pop Culture Expert

Since I was really young, I've always been a TV junkie and into the entertainment business. As I've gotten older, its become an even bigger passion of mine. This is also why I got into I can still be involved in the media field and around the art that I love so much.
I love analyzing characters and story lines and comparing my real life situations to that of a TV show! There's something about the world of television that has always drawn me in: plots, the ability to solve a problem in 30 minutes-an hour and the overall structure a TV show takes.
I'd like to tackle as much pop culture on my blog as much as possible from music and TV to celebrities and film and a little of everything in between, maybe even with a little commentary of some sort on the side.
I'd like to have my own entertainment show someday where I can talk about the shows that are hot at the moment, possibly with its cast and director so we can take a deeper look at what's going on in the show for aspiring actors and directors, etc. But, it wouldn't be one of those boring, run of the mill, "let's dissect this" and "analyze this" type things. It would show people behind the scenes footage of what happens on a daily basis, how do the actors get into character and how the TV world really works. Think of it as a how-to guide!
I'd like to scope out the sets and how it all comes together. Sometimes I like processes!
I have a lot of opinions when it comes to pop culture and I'd like to share them with people... One way or another.

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