May 31, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Recap (SPOILER ALERTS)

What a roller coaster ride this season is! We finally get to see more of the plot unwind with the curse, the doppleganger details, the Werewolves and more vampires coming to the surface in town. There are many complications with keeping secrets, protecting Elena and her family, and everything that comes when fantasy characters are involved. I really loved this season and all the action, but I have to say I thought there were a lot better moments in season one...or maybe that's just because I was hardcore shipping Stelena. I'm not totally sure.

Alright, if I'm being honest (and I am) I thought some of the action got a little cheesy. But, then again it's a show about vampires, so what do you expect? So many villains started coming into the picture to make things messier than they already were, like Isobel, John, and of course, Klaus. Isobel soon kills herself after coming into the picture and John's not really a bad guy after all....well....and Klaus is just down right evil, there's no way around that one.

When it came to everyone being mad that Elena wanted to play "the martyr", I don't understand what that was all about. It's her decision and yeah, it might not have been the smartest, but it's her choice to make. Sometimes I think Stefan could be a little too overbearing and protective, when he should give her more space. When Elena does something, there's usually a reason behind it. 

I have to say my favorite scenes are always the ones between Stelena or Delena. I loved it when Damon was straight up with Elena and told her he loved her. I felt like he had been trying to play too many games all along and he finally let himself feel something again, laying it all out on the line. But, I was still pulling for Stelena. When things start getting pretty heated with everything going on, they have to call it quits for real...not just trying to fool everyone around them. The look on Stefan's face broke my heart and the two of them crying was really sad. I don't care who you ship, that's an incredible scene. Paul and Nina are great together and killed that! Another favorite scene I have of theirs is when Elena and Stefan walk up the hill together and she admits to him that she didn't want to be a vampire. She wanted to be 17 and think about her life as it came, rather than having to think about such big decisions at that moment.
When Damon makes Elena drink his blood to save her from being turned to a vampire, I was in complete shock! It seemed like a really selfish move to make, but he really was just trying to do what was best for her...or what he thought was best for her.
Damon kicks up his bad boy vibes and you can't help but love it. However, just when I'd start to really pull for him with Elena, he'd do something stupid or would go with other girls and would just kill that idea.

As Tyler starts learning more about his werewolf-y ness, he becomes more alive, I think. I really didn't like his bad attitude at the beginning of last season, but he really grew on me. I liked the friendship that him and Caroline started to have. They were able to help each other out as they transitioned into vampire and werewolf. But, as that relationship was developing, I started getting extremely annoyed with Caroline and Matt. I think she should have just told him or not, because they kept going back and forth and he kept complaining that she wasn't telling him anything. After awhile, you just didn't really care.

I love Bonnie and Jeremy together. She's the first girl that he actually really fits with and has chemistry with. I think it's fitting that they really understand where the other comes from and they're on the same team to help each other hit when crisis hits. And we all know it' Mystic Falls, so it WILL. And Bonnie really comes into her powers as a witch as well. As for Lucca and his dad, they were bad news and ended up dying in the end. I wasn't a big fan of them!

Jenna dying SUCKED BIG TIME! I feel like there was so much they could have done with her and then with her and Alaric's relationship. I thought they were really good together and could've actually tried to make some normalcy out of everything for Elena and Jeremy. After everything those kids have gone through, they needed that stability. I really liked her! Watching the funeral and seeing Elena say goodbye by placing the flower on her grave and her parents' grave is just tough stuff.

Everyone wasn't kidding when they told me the last few episodes and season finale were crazy! It was all of that and so much more. Stefan gives himself over to Klaus to save his brother from the werewolf bite that was causing him to die. Stefan starts going crazy and Elena starts falling for Damon, even more than she probably already was. They kiss and she nurses him back to health, while Catherine brings over the cure. And they end the season with Jeremy seeing Anna and Vicki....WHAT THE WHAT?!!??!?!?! I don't know how people do it where they go months and months at a time without finding out what is happening. Shows are just too much stress on my life or maybe my problem is that I'm too invested.

It's 2:30 a.m, and I'm thinking I should probably get some sleep.


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