January 2, 2012

"Someday My Prince Will Come..."

These words were made most famous by Snow White, and they echoed my mind a lot as a little girl, because I loved the movie. I had a fascination with Disney princesses. And if we're being honest, what girl at age five doesn't?

As little girls, we tend to believe that we're going to marry Princes and ride off into the sunset on his white horse, and live happily ever after. Everything will be rainbows and daisies, and we'll talk to little woodland creatures. That's not always the way the real world works, though, unfortunately. The princes aren't always so charming; in fact, most of the time they can be pretty deceiving And the bad guys are also harder to spot. But, we fall for their smooth talking ways, because we get caught up in the "romance."

The older we get, the more cynical we become to love, because we've seen more of what the world has to offer us. We become bitter, because we don't fall in love with the first guy we meet or it's not like the movies. No, it's not like the movies. I'm learning that true love is a lot deeper than what we see in those chick flicks that I'm such a huge fan of. And maybe that has been my problem when I've started to like someone... The expectations of that guy could never measure up to some character who doesn't exist.

Now, I don't want to find a love like in the movies or my favorite fictional couple on TV; I want something that resembles God's love. Something pure, real, and everlasting. It saddens me to see the divorce rates and the unhappy couples today. It's discouraging that people don't work at their relationships, because they take time and effort, and we all want to take the easy way out. But, love isn't easy. When I look at other couples' failed marriages, falling in love tends to scare me, like why even bother? The fact that I might fall in love with someone, but then it doesn't work out like I'd planned, seems pretty risky.

When I get married, I want to say our vows with forever in mind, otherwise I don't see a point in going through with it. Marriage is nothing to be taken lightly; it is a commitment, but it shouldn't be looked at as saying goodbye to your life, it should be the start of an adventure together, and something to look forward to. I just want to know that when we say "I Do", it really will be in sickness and in health, til do us part...forever and ever, amen.

Seeing Courageous tonight reminded me that each girl deserves to wait for her prince, just not in the sense that Hollywood portrays it. Real men love God, and will be courageous enough to take a stand in their households; to love their wives, children, provide for the household, and to be the protector of the family based on Biblical teaching. They will raise their kids the way God wants them to, and there are plenty of verses on just how to do that.

I don't know if I've met the man I'm going to marry yet. Maybe he's the crush I had in 5th grade, maybe he's just an acquaintance at the moment... I have no idea. But, I know that I've been praying for him since I was at least in Jr. Hi, now. I know that my friends and I have had countless conversations and daydreams about the guys we're going to marry, and Nick Jonas is starting to look like a farther off dream now ;) LOL. In all seriousness though, this whole dating/marriage thing isn't something I've ever just jumped into. And when I meet the guy I'm supposed to end up with, I'll be glad that I haven't had a lot of boyfriends or a crazy history with anyone, and it'll mean so much more.

I have a feeling that this year will be the year that I find that someone special. Or like I said, maybe I already have and all these little moments are starting to add up to God's big plan. Either way, I'll continue to pray for him and the future husbands of my close girl friends. We are not settling!!

True love is out there, it's just a matter of finding a real man of God to make us believe in forever.

1 Corinthians 13.

That's all for now,

P.S I might be quoting all kinds of quotes in the next few days. My friends and I were pretty excited after the movie tonight! Haha.

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