January 4, 2012

Favorite Episodes of One Tree Hill

I thought that in honor of 'An Evening With One Tree Hill' tomorrow night, I would post some of my favorite episodes from each season.

Season 1:

1x3-Are You True?
1x6-Every Night Is Another Story
1x8-The Search For Something More
1x16-The First Cut Is The Deepest
1x19-How Can You Be Sure?
1x22-The Games That Play Us

Season 2:

2x1-The Desperate Kingdom of Love
2x2-Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
2x5-I Will Dare
2x8-Truth, Bitter Truth
2x9-The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
2x13-The Hero Dies In This One
2x19-I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
2x20-Lifetime Piling Up
2x23-The Leavers Dance

Season 3:
This is probably my favorite season ever of the show!

3x3-First Day On A Brand New Planet
3x4-An Attempt To Tip The Scales
3x6-Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades
3x7- Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
3x12-I've Got Dreams To Remember
3x13-The Wind That Blew My Heart Away
3x14-All Tomorrow's Parties
3x15-Just Watch The Fireworks
3x18-When It Isn't Like It Should Be
3x21-Over the Hills and Far Away

Season 4:

4x5-I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness
4x9-Some You Give Away
4x13-Pictures Of You
4x14-Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
4x15-You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love
4x17- It Gets the Worst At Night
4x18-The Runaway Found
4x19-Ashes of Dreams You Let Die
4x21-All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Season 5:
My second favorite season; SUPER close to season 3 though, because I loved that even though the show took a time jump, and the characters were supposed to be older and be in different places in their lives, they remained true to who they were and the show itself.

5x1-4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
5x3-My Way Home Is Through You
5x5-I Forgot to Remember to Forget
5x9-For Tonight You're Only Here To Know
5x10- Running To Stand Still
5x14- What Do You Go Home To?
5x18-What Comes After The Blues

Season 6:

6x3-Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
6x5-You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It
6x7-Messin With The Kid
6x8-Our Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe
6x10-Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous
6x11- We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
6x14- A Hand To Take Hold of The Scene
6x16- Screenwriter's Blues
6x19-Letting Go
6x20-I Would For You
6x21- A Kiss To Build A Dream On
6x23-Forever and Almost Always

Season 7:
7x2-What Are You Willing To Lose?
7x3-Hold My Hand As I Am Lowered
7x5-Your Cheatin Heart
7x6-Deep Ocean Vast Sea
7x8-I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
7x13- Weeks Go By Like Days
7x14- Family Affair
7x15- Don't You Forget About Me
7x16-My Attendance Is Bad, But My Intentions Are Good
7x17- At The Bottom of Everything
7x18- The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance
7x 21- What's In The Ground Belongs To You
7x22- Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You

Season 8:

8x6-Not Afraid
8x7-Luck Be A Lady
8x9-Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
8x10-Lists, Plans
8x11- Darkness on the Edge of Town
8x12-The Drinks We Drank Last Night
8x13- The Other Half of Me
8x14- Holding Out For A Hero
8x15-Valentine's Day Is Over
8x17- The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
8x18- The Quiet Little Voices
8x20-The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
8x22- This Is My House, This Is My Home

One Tree Hill is like a fine wine...it just gets better with age. While most shows are losing that zest for why people fell in love with it, One Tree Hill just keeps reminding of us of those things. Sure, they aren't in high school anymore and there are a lot of new situations and characters in the equation, but that's what makes it so great. No matter what kind of story line is thrown their way, they are able to tackle it with grace and dignity. And that brings us to season 9....

Judging by the promo video they've played for it, I'm sure we will all be on the edge of our seats waiting and wondering about what's going to happen. They're not going to give us a peaceful last season, that's for sure...but if they did, it wouldn't be Tree Hill, would it? ;)

Here's a bonus for ya! Last night, I was looking through some old school papers and tests, and found this current event I'd done in Jr. Hi on Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush's wedding. HA! Some things never change...

That's all for now,

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