October 7, 2011

The Weekends Is Here

Yesterday was wonderful. I took my math test, and once that was out of the way, my mom and I went shopping for something to wear to the Keith Urban concert this weekend; we went to Kohl's and Target, then just hung out at home for awhile. Last night, I went to my former Literature teacher's house and for the next several hours, we just talked about life and everything. It was SO good!  :)

Today, I went to my speech class and listened to more speeches. Everyone in our class is so creative, and it has been a blast learning about what is so important to everyone. After class, I went to lunch with my mom and aunt, then we did a little shopping at Target and grabbed fro-yo at Yogurtland. We came home, then it was back off to the car wash...nothing too exciting you know! Now, the rest of the night will be getting ready for the Keith Urban concert tomorrow!! WOO HOO :D

Art festival going on

Christmas cards I liked at Target!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Peace out,

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