October 2, 2011


 I'm inspired by a lot of things in life: My friends, my family, things I happen to see at school or walking around my neighborhood, traveling, music, and blogs. I found something from Bethany Joy Galleoti's (One Tree Hill) blog, and it just really struck a chord with me! I love what she says!

Bethany Joy Galleoti:
"Inspiration is an elusive mistress. She strikes at her own whim, she pours out in abundance or withholds for unbearable lengths of time. She is never where you want her to be and seduces you until you are shackled and enslaved to her without even knowing how it happened. You simply wake up one day and you crave her... you need her... you're a failure without her.

The problem with being a creative person is that most of us are driven by Inspiration. We have these massive bursts of energy wherein we create, craft, mould and model and then bask in the glow of our work. And then, we have a drought. We get depressed because we don't feel inspired. So we wait and wait and wait for her to come light a spark. Aside from this, artists love to use the excuse of Inspiration to get away with treating themselves and others poorly.

I do not feel inspired today. In fact, I'm sitting in the car while Michael runs into Home Depot for something and I'm forcing myself to write this right now because I know you all wait for updates and it's not fair for you to be subject to Inspiration's whim. Subject to personal time or illness or holidays or any normal preventative circumstances... yes. But not to Inspiration. I hate waiting for her too, and besides... she's a bitch ;)

So for all of you right-brained kids out there who live and die by the strike of her match, I challenge you to kick Inspiration to the curb-- make her follow YOUR rules for a while. If you're writing a book and you've stopped because you're waiting... just START again. It doesn't have to be good or even fit into your story, but you can take control and choose to be a disciplined person. If you're a songwriter or an artist or a photographer or any sort of creative vagabond-of-the-soul... pick yourself up by the boot straps and get moving! There is a reward in discipline!"

 She's absolutely right!!

Check out Bethany's blog, you won't be sorry:

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