October 3, 2011

Things That Inspire me

I find inspiration from a lot of things around me: friends, family, places, things, musicians, writers, etc. Here are some of the things that inspire me and help me create what I do.


Rainy days

The mountains/countryside

Keith Urban

Taylor Swift

Gilmore Girls

Small towns

Carrie Underwood


Tours of movie studios, especially WB


My friends, even other people's friends

Family, even other families

The beach

Black and white pictures

Small coffee shops and cafe's

Blogs! I love reading other people's stories and about their lives.


Lady Antebellum


Lauren Alaina

Demi Lovato

Kellie Pickler

Hilary Duff

Nick Jonas
There is so much to be inspired by! This world is full of beautiful things to find, explore, and make a story of your own out of it. That's the best part. :)

What are some things that inspire you? You can comment on here or "@" reply to me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ShelbyN92!

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