October 5, 2011

Rainy Days Make Me Happy

Today, I woke up to our neighbors dog barking loudly at the gate next to my window, and their gardeners blowing the leaves around, which was kind of annoying, but oh well. Usually, I sleep through most things, so I can't complain. I lied in bed for a little while, just thinking and preparing for the day. I got up, got ready, and was able to catch a few minutes of the Today Show, and saw Joe Jonas' performance of his new single "Just In Love"...interesting! Lol. He's kind of changed his image it seems like, and what's up with all the dancing?? Anyway, it was a relaxing morning. Plus, with the cloudy, rainy, cold weather, it made me just want to curl up with some hot tea and watch a marathon of one of my favorite shows. Maybe I can do that Friday afternoon, since I only have one class.

I headed to school, and had two classes, which were fine. Math was a review of the chapter we're on for the test tomorrow; I'm praying I get a decent grade! Then, all of a sudden, my nerves kicked in and it was time for speech...I was speaking today. It doesn't affect me like it used to, but it hits RIGHT before I go on, and I feel like I'm going to pass out, and the room started spinning. Once I got up there, I was fine, and I think I pulled it off. Now, I guess I just wait to find out what my grade is. It was cool getting to hear the other speeches from other students as well. Most people are commemorating people they look up to or things that are close to their hearts, so it's cool to learn more about everyone and what's important to them. We even got some goodies from a girl who spoke about America!
Loved this! She also gave us some candy :)

 The rest of the afternoon is going to consist of last minute math homework :(..YUCK! There are only ten problems, but they are incredibly long...so it'll probably take a couple hours, seeing as I can never concentrate on it! So, I should probably get to that pretty soon! But, before I go, let me share a quick story from last night. I was doing math homework, complaining and griping as always you know? When I got a tweet from my friend, Steph, that really perked me up and got me excited, because we decided to the whole "pen pal" thing!

That really cheered me up!!! :D

And not too much longer after I got a DM from Chad Michael Murray! I've loved him since I was like in 6th grade, so that was extremely exciting!!!!!!!!

Nothing like seeing that in your inbox!

That's all for now,

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