August 18, 2013

Weekend of Music

As I said in my last blog, Thursday night, I went to F.Y.E and found a ton of CD's with my aunt, because they were all buy one get one half off. They have new and old CD's, and just about everything in between. If you're looking for something that might be a little more rare, I'd definitely check it out; you never know what you'll find. So many things caught my eye that even if I hadn't wanted it, I was reminded of all the music I used to listen to or some of the things I wanted to get into.

1. Keith Urban in The Ranch//
I had listened to this awhile back on Spotify and really loved the sound! I'm a HUGE Keith Urban fan already, and seeing as these are his earlier days, it'll be interesting to see how much he has grown or improved as an artist.

2. Backstreet Boys//
My aunt had actually picked this up for me the day before when she went, because she didn't know whether I had it or not. I think I might've at some point in the 90s, but being the queen of losing everything, I couldn't tell you where it is. This was the album that started it all, as it was their self-titled debut, so it has a lot of their most well known hits and a few others. I'm so excited to relive all of the fun memories of rocking out to these guys, complete with dance moves and sweet harmonies. 

3. Katy Perry//
I just really love Katy Perry; her style, her music, her personality...Everything. I don't own any of her CD's, just a ton of songs on my ipod that I've downloaded from iTunes, so I was so incredibly happy that I was able to pick up a copy of "Teenage Dream".

4. Glee Season 3, Volume 7//
This one, like all of the other Glee soundtracks has quite the variety of songs on it, depending on the character who sang it or the decade it was from. It includes the hits like, "Last Friday Night", "Red Solo Cup", "Tonight," and "Rumour Has It." I was so excited to see they had so many Glee records on sale, so it was hard narrowing down which ones were best.

5. Glee Season 1, Volume 2//
Because this is when the show was just starting out, the songs are a little more classic, like, "Imagine," "True Colors," "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" and "Don't Rain On My Parade."

6. Leann Rimes//
"Sittin On Top of the World" was probably my favorite Leann Rimes album when I was younger. It felt like the first CD that was perfect for her age, and there were so many great catchy songs that just made you feel good. She was my idol growing up and is still one of biggest musical inspirations! SO glad I found this one, because I seem to have misplaced the copy I once had...Oops!

7. Jason Aldean//
As soon as I walked in the store, my aunt pointed out Jason's CD, "Night Train", which I've been hearing really good things about. I really like Jason's music and have become a bigger fan in more recent years, so I've been wanting to pick this up at some point or at least get a few of my favorites from iTunes. Needless to say, I was probably most excited about this one..He is one heck of a performer and has a lot of great 'rockin' songs, but I love nothing more than a good love song/ballad of his; it just really tugs at your heart strings. I'm kind of a sucker for any good country ballad anyway, but I love his voice when he pours into a slower song, instead of all the new rap country he's been doing lately.

8. 13 Going On 30//
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think it came out around the time I was turning 13, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart just for that alone. I've wanted this soundtrack FOREVER, but there was always something more current or recent out that I'd always end up wanting more. But, I was SO excited when I saw this copy just sitting on the shelf at the store and I knew I HAD to get it. There are so many great classic 80s songs, like, "Crazy For You" by Madonna and "Jessie's Girl" from Rick Springfield, as well as my favorite Billy Joel song, "Vienna" and another great modern hit, "Why Can't I?" by Liz Phair. AH! I'm replaying all of my favorite scenes of the movie just thinking about it. 

9. A Walk To Remember//
This is probably my favorite movie of all time...Well, it might be tied with Titanic, but sometimes it's too close to call. Again, I've always wanted this soundtrack, but never got around to it. So, when my aunt saw this one, I started freaking out. I immediately grabbed it and started going through the songs, even though I pretty much had them memorized, thanks to the movie. There are so many obscure artists that have great music featured in the film, including Shane West's band and Mandy Moore. Also, I feel like I'm ready to start bawling just looking through the pictures of Jamie and Landon in the booklet of the CD...WAHHH! And I'm making a mental note that I need to watch it again very soon.

So, there are my purchases! I was very giddy walking out with a stack of new music, because you can never have too much right? My aunt gave me another stack of CD's that were in her car when she dropped me off, that I might feature just for the heck of it, too. Stay tuned on that!

That's all for now,

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