November 23, 2012

The Weekly Review

Well, first off, apparently I'm out of picture storage on Blogger and the Picasa Web albums I've used in the past, so for right now, it doesn't look like I'll be able to post pictures on the blog :( You can follow me on Instagram, though, because I post pictures constantly on there (in fact, most of the pictures I'd usually post come from there anyway).

In other news, this week has been AMAZING! The beginning of the week was devoted to getting things together for the holidays; some cleaning, decorating the house for Christmas, putting the tree up, and doing a lot of homework. I tend to put my homework off more than I ever used to, so I thought I'd actually try to get most of it done before Thanksgiving, so I could just enjoy that time. I did alright for the most part. I only had one class this week, on Tuesday, and since it's just creative writing, there wasn't much focus that was needed. Which was great, because I ended up talking to my friend in class about the Jonas Brothers, and giving her some insights to help her meet them, if possible. That was a really fun class!

Tuesday night, my parents surprised me with an envelope that had a printed sheet on top, saying, "Christmas and birthday present", normally they only do this when it's something BIG! And the fact that it was BEFORE Christmas (which also never happens) could only mean one thing. I opened the envelope, and inside was a "gift certificate" that my mom had made on the computer saying that I would be MEETING the Jonas Brothers. I've wanted to meet them for as long as I can remember, and I had told them about the special VIP package, but after finding out how much it cost, I didn't think my dad would ever go for it. But, he did!!! He even told me after I opened it, "I know it's on your bucket list..." which meant so much to me. I was freaking out, and immediately started trying to figure out what I would wear. I mean, my future husband is in the group...I have to look good! LOL.

As for the decorating, that used to be my favorite thing to do around the holidays. I would almost beg my parents or just keep bugging them about how excited I was. My stomach was usually full of butterflies in anticipation for time together with the family, opening presents, plays at school and church, looking at lights, and anything else you can imagine. But, it seems like ever since three of my grandparents have passed away, it's like a lot of my Christmas cheer has gone out as well. I feel a little more bitter around this time than I ever used to, whether it's about the preparation or being "alone" for the holidays. I find myself being extremely sarcastic and just down for no reason. I wasn't enjoying wrapping the tree in garland or placing the ornaments on the tree. I was almost just getting tired and ready to be done. It was still fun, and they're still memories that I'll always cherish of spending time with my mom; the two of us going back and forth about whatever or laughing at something completely lame. But, I'd like to feel the warmth of the holidays again. Maybe as you get older, things really do just change, and that's life.

Thanksgiving was yesterday, so our house was filled with family, friends and a lot of food. I already devoted an entire post to that.

Today, I was finally able to sleep in, until around 10:30, which was later than I had planned for. I walked to the living room, where my mom and cousin were already sitting. We hung out for awhile. I filled them in on my dream last night, which consisted of Austin Nichols being my math teacher in high school, and apparently my best friend was friends with him. Some girl kept trying to bump into me, while I tried to fill out paperwork and I just kept giving her this look, while trying to push her off of me. I have no idea where that even came from. I also had a dream about hanging out with the Kardashians. Once again, I have no idea where these things came from. My mind is crazy and tends to involve celebrities...A LOT. Soon after that, we decided to get ready and have lunch together.

We went to a local restaurant, that's owned by people who go to our church, for lunch, which was tasty. We were all a bit quiet, more than likely because of all of the festivities yesterday, and we were all still waking up. We finished eating, said our goodbyes, then my mom and I ran a couple errands. We had a few things to pick up, but didn't feel like braving Target or another major store, so we ran to Rite Aid, and got the car washed. Now, the rest of the afternoon will be devoted to more homework and watching pointless television.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)

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