November 20, 2012

Movie Monday

Most people do "Music Monday", but I decided to do a "Movie Monday" in honor of all the holiday themed movies on TV right now. Saturday night, I watched the Lifetime movie, High School Holiday Reunion. It's your typical cheesy holiday Lifetime movie, but I still found it ridiculously cute.

The synopsis is that Georgia comes home after being the assistant to a fashion designer, though she'd always wanted to be one, to find out that there is a reunion at her old high school. Everyone she went to high school with seems to have moved on with their lives and she feels like she's staying exactly the same. Georgia is still stuck in high school in that sense and wants to get back together with her old boyfriend from high school...Or does she find out what she's been missing out on all this time? If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out this clip.

Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) is in the movie, and I found him extremely likable and adorable as the best friend character, so that made me cling to the movie even faster.

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