October 17, 2012

The Weekend Review

I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Now, that I've gotten that out of the way, I can tell you why I am so tired. Alright, so Thursday night, family started coming in and the party immediately started. I was also coming down with a bit of a cold and pretty much going nonstop with everything, doesn't mix well. But, I had one of the best weekends ever, and that's what really counts. YOLO (yes, I really did just say that....)
I also forgot to mention the little prank we played on my aunt and uncle. Thursday night, after they got in, my aunt went to the extra bedroom that they would be staying in, and all of a sudden we heard loud laughter erupt. We knew she had found "Chucky." So, my grandma had this baby doll that she'd had since she was a little girl, and my uncle and dad found it while she was in the convalescent home. Anyway, it was a little beaten up, so we just nicknamed it Chucky, because I hate dolls. While we were in South Carolina, we found the doll a little shirt that said "South Carolina" stuff on it. I thought that might give my uncle the idea to keep it going to try to scare me with it...But he didn't! LOL.

I woke up to a bunch of chatter in the kitchen, which was all good; gives me that feeling of living in a "Full House." One of my uncle's went up to my grandpa's house to visit, and the rest of hurried to get ready while my Uncle Paul was yelling "Let's go! We're leaving in five minutes..." We all got into the car and drove out to the airport once again to pick up my cousin, Tiffany. Well, it turned out that her flight had been delayed, so we went to the Jack in the Box down the street to have breakfast. We talked about Taylor Swift and my uncle even asked me about Nick Jonas (asking which one was in the Les Mis play). When we were finished, we ended up going to the airport, where our conversations jumped around to Chucky and his relationships...I love my family! Eventually, my cousin landed and we were off. But, it was fun people watching. There was one guy standing alone with a single red rose. He stood by the gate, waiting for a couple of flights, but walked away a little disappointed each time. I'm really curious as to what his story was or if the girl he was waiting for ever came. We left before I got a chance to see. I also can't forget to mention the squeezing of the suitcase into the car, after putting up the third row in our SUV. That was so hilarious! About ten minutes after everyone giving a bit of input, we got it all in and were on our way.

We went to my grandpa's house for a little while, then decided to have lunch at one of my grandpa's favorite Mexican restaurants. We sat in one of the back rooms, where there was a table large enough to hold all of us. We were catching up, telling stories, and whatever other random things came out of our mouths. It was a lot of fun!
We all came back to our house for a bit so Tiffany could rest up a bit, and get her stuff situated, while the rest of us relaxed, getting things ready for later that night. I had gotten an email from The Ellen Degeneres show giving me all of the information about Taylor's show. It turns out it's on Thursday. AKA-the same day as Carrie's concert and my meet and greet with her. I was really bummed. After all of the planning and writing to Ellen, it happens to be on the same day. We tried to figure out a way to do both, but the timing is way too close, so it's impossible. So, needless to say, I had to cancel it. The rest of the afternoon was a little eh, in that I didn't feel good and I was still like "Are you serious?!" in my mind.
After we were all freshened up and ready to go...My mom, aunt, Tiffany and I went to the dry cleaners to drop off some suits and to Walgreen's because I had been wanting to go all day to check out the new Taylor stuff that had just launched there. I was going crazy in the store, looking at everything! I was trying to make myself feel better about not going on Thursday, but it was really just a reminder Haha. Either way, I was excited with everything, and after a few more minutes of looking around, we decided it was time to get up to my grandpa's house for dinner.

We spent the night on our ipads, talking, laughing, picking on one another, exchanging witty banter, and my uncle took me and my cousin outside to point out the space station. We had a really great view for quite some time. It was fun getting a chance to spend time with my Uncle David, and my cousin Nick, since I don't get to see them all the time. Plus, it was a gorgeous time of night, where all of the lights in the city were starting to come on. Breathtaking!

We went back inside and a little while after we had dinner. My grandma always cooks enough food for an army, but she's seen our family eat, so I guess it's appropriate ;) lol. When my dad arrived, we caught him up on the day he had missed (since he had to work), and I was in a really good mood, so I was rambling about who knows what and coming up with some pretty great remarks right and left, I must say! Jk.
After dinner, my friend, Kathryn, who is interning on the WB lot text me about the Taylor event going on at Ellen on Thursday. We were finally going to be able to meet and we had all these plans we were going to set up, but since Thursday is a no go, those are put on the back burner. I ended up just calling her and we talked for quite awhile; she filled me in on her run ins with some Pretty Little Liars and other exciting things in her life involving the Hollywood world. We also once again made plans to meet up at some point before she leaves and to skype sometime this week, when we're both free. It was so good actually getting to talk to her, after Twitter all this time!
I decided to go back inside to spend time with family, and we were all starting to poop out. My uncle Bob showed up for a few minutes after working a high school football game, then we all headed back to our house (well, at least Uncle David, Vicki, Uncle Paul, Aunt Debbie, Tiffany, my parents, and I did).
That night, we all slept pretty good!

We didn't really sleep in much. Once again, I awoke to the sounds of my family in the kitchen. If you know our family, you also know that we aren't quiet people; works better than an alarm clock, let me tell ya. I was still feeling sick (the joys of having a cold), so my voice was starting to go as well. We were all visiting with one another; I grabbed some breakfast. A few minutes later, my dad and Uncle David came home with Smith's bakery cream cheese danishes. I didn't know they were bringing those goodies home, or I would've waited to eat. We were pretty lazy that morning, hanging out in our pj's as long as possible, listening to country music, and keeping one another occupied.
Mid morning, my cousin, Tiffany, and I decided to make a recipe I had been looking at for awhile; "Candy corn" cheescakes in mason jars. I thought it seemed like a pretty festive thing to do, so she helped me out. It didn't really take too long to make, but because the kitchen was crowded as it was with my Uncle making boiled peanuts and my mom prepping things for the salad, it was a little hectic, trying to get to things. The steps were a bit tedious, but hey, you live and learn. If I ever make them again, I know what to do differently.

Some family friends came down from Anaheim, Uncle Bob and my grandparents all made their way over. The rest of the afternoon, the house was filled with a lot of noise: laughter, cheering over football teams, and talking. We ate A LOT, watched football, and didn't really do much of anything else.

Still looking up quotes on TVD

When my cousin, Carissa, got off work,  she came over and we got to spend time with her. Its been awhile since we last talked, so I was glad she could make it. After all the football games had ended, my grandparents and family friends had left, and nothing else was going on, I somehow managed to talk the rest of my family into making a music video of "We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift. Not all were really into the idea much, but that just goes to show you how much they love me. A few didn't know the song that well, so they weren't really sure of what to do, but the few that did know it, were really getting into it. It is HILARIOUS...and I can't wait to put it together to show everyone ;). I'm pretty sure Taylor would be extremely proud of me! It'll definitely put my editing skills to the test. When we were done taping, we all flopped down in the living room and watched the news. I can't remember all of what was said or what went down, but I remember we were all laughing our heads off. Of course, I was jotting down the best quotes in my notebook, because those are things I never want to forget. If only we had our own reality show like The Kardashians. One of these days, I'm going to make it happen!
Everyone started falling asleep around 11, and we had to get up early the next morning. So, Uncle Bob and Carissa left, and one by one, the rest of the family started getting ready for bed. I went to sleep that night, feeling extremely blessed and filled with joy from just a simple day of being with the ones I love.

It was another morning of waking up to voices in the kitchen, which I didn't mind at all. Well, a little, because I was still tired, but comforting to hear my aunts and uncles in the kitchen. We all had breakfast as a family, then had to hurry to get ready. Luckily, church wasn't until 11, so we had some time. Now, I really have no idea how families with more than one kid get ready like this every morning. Since I've been an only child my entire life, I've never had to fight for the bathroom really, except for when on vacation or traveling with friends. I can see why families would have to plan in advance. It all worked out perfectly though.
We made it to my grandpa's church right on time, with a few minutes to spare even. We found a seat, and mingled as the rest of the family found their way inside. It was a great service on missions and going out in the world to reach those who don't know Christ, but we were all feeling a bit sleepy. It woke me up to some things, like how I would really like to travel and use my talents, to reach communities that don't God or have possibly never heard of Him. I want to be fired up to do something about it, rather than just nod my head and think "Something needs to be done."
After church ended, we took pictures, which if you know our family, turns into quite an event. Everyone wants to take a picture with their camera rather than just exchanging them over email or through Facebook. My dad was really loving the camera time, acting goofy and running around, trying to find the perfect spot. We were all laughing quite a bit.

We were going to have lunch at Chipotle, but due to lack of seating and how much space our family takes up, we decided to go to Getaway Cafe. I think by that point, we were all in need of some food. We were able to arrange several tables and all of us were able to sit together. While we were eating, a guy who worked there, walked around playing the Ukulele. Me, being the big Taylor Swift fan that I am, wondered aloud, "I wonder if he can play, 'We Are Never (Taylor's song)." My uncle asked him, and he said he knew it, but had never tried it, so on the spot right there, he started singing a little bit of the chorus, and he was doing a great job. A few of us joined in, and my day was made. When we finished eating, my aunt, Tiffany and I walked over to a school supply store, since Tiffany's a teacher and wanted to check out more things for her class. I was going crazy with all of the posters, markers, notebooks and everything else they had. That would be one reason I would love to get into teaching ;) hee hee.
When we got back to the car, we found out that we were going to the cemetery where my grandma is buried. Honestly, I don't feel the need to visit, because she's not there, but the rest of the family visiting wanted to, so we went. It was a beautiful day; just sad it was at a cemetery, you know? Not a day goes by that I don't think about her, visiting the headstone just reminds me of that.
I was just in the car, looking up Vampire stuff..I thought this one was funny. Damon and the mention of Taylor Swift=hilarity; awesomeness! 
We came back to our house, just hanging out after changing into comfy clothes. My grandparents, Uncle Bob, Nicholas, and everyone else made it back over. We watched more football, laughed, talked, and ate even more! We all gave my grandpa the cards and presents we had for him, and he spent a few minutes telling us stories about back in the day. Later on, Carissa and her boyfriend came over, which perked things up. Tiffany and I hung out with them; talking about all sorts of random things from friends to music to writing styles we like. They make such a cute couple! Who knows? Maybe we'll be hearing wedding bells in the near future....Tiffany has been telling me and Carissa that we need to visit her in Texas, and me being a Southern girl at heart, I'd love to! We talked about doing it sometime next year, but we'll see how things go. I hope it works out, though! It would be such a fun experience.
Me and my cousins. I didn't want to sit on Tiff's lap, I find it awkward...But, they made me get over that! haha. 

After the party started to wind down, the family members that were staying with us all cozied up in the living room and ended up watching a really lame John Wayne movie. I realize he's "The Duke"...But still. Most of the time, we were wondering what the heck was going on or commenting on the hokey scenery and cheesy dialogue. What a great laugh, though, I don't think that's the way it was intended. Oh well.
My aunts, uncles, and Tiffany all had to catch planes to get back to Utah, Texas, and South Carolina Monday morning, so we called it a night.

It was much quieter when I woke up this time around. The guys had gone out to breakfast with grandpa, so it was just the ladies talking in the kitchen. We had breakfast, talked, and my aunts and Tiffany packed things up to go. Tiffany was entertaining me with her Russian accent as she packed, and I was still waking up, but I found it hilarious either way. She's quite good at it. My uncles came back, we finished getting ready, then it was time to go.
We said goodbye to my aunt and uncle that were driving back to Utah, and let me just say that goodbyes always suck. It's so awkward, and after spending a few days together (24/7), it's weird when all of that just comes to an end. We packed up the car, and off we went, after I smacked my head extremely hard climbing in. Go me!
We made it to the airport, and they all checked in their luggage, picked up their tickets, and we waited around for a few minutes. My uncle hadn't been able to find his phone since Friday, but after calling the airport, the security guard had it and brought it out. Just in time before boarding the plane! So cool! We said goodbye to them, spent a few more minutes with Tiff in the gift shop, and it was time to say goodbye to her as well. Then, it was just me and mom; back to reality. I was glad these days didn't go by fast, and that I was able to really cherish them as they happened. I love my family so much, and spending more time with them just reminds me of that.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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