October 20, 2012

The Weekly Review

It's that time again, folks, bringing you The Weekly Review! What another week it has been. I feel like I don't really remember the last time I just stopped and did nothing. Then again, I like it that way. Usually, I'm complaining I'm bored, so this is a nice change.  Let's just go through the week, shall we?

It was back to reality with the family leaving. My mom and I went to the grocery store, then stayed home the rest of the afternoon. I had a lot of work to get done and turn in. Usually I'm way ahead of the game, but with everything being so close together, it was hard to squeeze in a time to do it.
That night, the Presidential debate was on, and usually I'm not into those as much as I probably should be, but I know the issues and I'm aware of what's going on. Anyway, Ian Somerhalder had a live chat during the debate, so we could ask him questions and just "openly discuss" some of the issues. I gained a lot more respect for him by doing that. Even though I don't agree with some of his politics, I think he's an amazing person for doing that.
While the debate was going on, my friend, Sarah, and I were talking about some of the debate and of course, The Vampire Diaries. She's my go to source when I feel like talking Ian or TVD, since she's just as into it as I am. In fact, we started planning on making some videos to recap some of our favorite moments of TVD and all that jazz.

I carpooled with my friend, Michele, again to school. I only have one class that starts a little later than hers, so I watched The Vampire Diaries in the library. The girl next to me was watching Pretty Little Liars, which made me extremely excited, and I was going to talk to her about it, but she didn't seem to want to be bothered, so I fought back the urge. Then, while I was lost in this fantasyland, my friend from creative writing reminded me that our critiques were due, and I remembered I hadn't finished mine, so I hurried to get them done.
We went into class, sort of dreading it, because it feels like it lasts longer and longer each time. It actually wasn't too bad, though. Usually the three of us that sit in our row, keep each other entertained. 
I came home that afternoon, had lunch, worked on a little more homework, and my friend, Rebecca and I set up a google document, so we can start working on our story more and the song we are currently writing. It's coming together, I just need to find time to actually sit down and focus. 
I ended up taking a short nap that day; watched a little Gossip Girl and dozed off. Although, I feel like I woke up more tired than I was before. Oh well!

I don't have a class, so Wednesday's are usually my favorite. If nothing else is planned, I just stay at home, and that's exactly what I did. I didn't really do a whole lot of anything. I decided to pass on homework, and just watched TV and played a complete bum. My mom had a doctor's appointment, so I just chilled at home. She brought me back the new Rolling Stone issue with Taylor Swift on the cover, to which I was eternally grateful. I also introduced my mom to another one of  Ian Somerhalder's foundation projects. Him, his brother and nephew find old barn wood pieces, and turn them into some really cool treasures. My mom is now really into the site! 


Obviously, this day was dedicated to Carrie Underwood. I woke up a little later, had my quiet time with God, had breakfast, and while it was still early enough, decided to go on a bike ride. It was such a gorgeous day out, and I didn't want to miss out. I cranked up my iPod and off I went. Bike riding is seriously the best "me time" I can think of. 
I also found a couple pictures from Schyler Dixon's Instagram that my cousin and I are in. SO COOL!
Can you spot me? ;)

The rest of the afternoon was pretty laid back, and I even had time to finish working on my Wilmington video, that I had started the night before. Until then, here's the trailer I made a couple weeks ago!
It's coming together, so I should be able to post it pretty soon. Finally, it was time to get ready, and there was so much that happened after that, I had to make an entirely separate blog post for it. Read the previous entry, if you're interested :)
And of course, the highlight of everyone's Thursday night, The Vampire Diaries. 

Credit to : IanSomerholic on Instagram

Yesterday, I was still on a high from the concert, so it took us a little while longer to get ready than we had hoped. Then, it was the usual running errands. I wasn't in the most cheery of moods; having one of those days, but I managed. We went to the bank, my mom had to stop at the doctor's office really quick for a test, Target, the car wash, and finally to Chipotle to pick up lunch. 
We came home, I relaxed for a bit, and took a shower to get ready for my old high school's homecoming. I hadn't been back in awhile, so it was weird, yet oddly the same. I think this is another one of those things that deserves its own post. It was fun, though. 
I came home, hung out with my mom for awhile and got ready for bed. It was almost 2:00 a.m and I decided to watch The Vampire Diaries yet again. I think I have an issue HAHA. 
But, Sarah and I made plans to get together this weekend and for her to spend the night, which should be a blast! After months of talking about how we need to hang out, we'll actually get to! Stay tuned for that :)

That's all for now,

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