April 4, 2012

Simple Ways To Make Someone's Day

This day in age, it's so easy to get caught up in our lives that are going 100 miles an hour each day! We're so attached to our phones, computers, TV's, and whatever other social network connection is out there. In being so wrapped up, we miss those little moments; the moments that make life worth living.

The other day, I was on campus at school walking with a couple of friends when we ran into another group. My friend knew one of the girls that was standing there, so we stopped for a couple minutes. A few seconds into it, I heard "I like your bag!" I smiled and said "thank you." She added, "You have beautiful eyes, and a great smile...and just a pretty face!" Or something to that effect. I just thought it was one of the sweetest things anyone's ever said. Here's a complete stranger that's saying this, and it just really made my day.

It had me thinking about the power of our words. Each day we can choose to build people up; we can smile in their direction, give a compliment, thank them for the service they're doing, or just help someone out with a simple task. When I think of how small gestures have made my day, it makes me want to make someone else's day as well. I want to start doing that; looking for the good in everyone and being able to make someone feel good. We're all going through our own trials and knowing that someone cares or is taking time out of their day to notice you can really change a lot.

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