April 5, 2012

One Tree Hill Series Finale

Oh boy, where to even begin with a series finale like that?? I've watched series finales for shows I've never even watched once before that and have teared up. You can bet your bottom dollar I was almost bawling last night. I loved how there were simple moments and mentions of things past, but still enough of the newness to the show that it wasn't over kill.
The interview hour before with Mark and the cast summed the show up perfectly. During that time, I would go out into the living room and tell my parents how much I was enjoying it. I told my dad I might just have him watch that instead of watching an episode, because it shows the highlights, Wilmington, the cast, and talks about the characters. He said he would watch it with me, possibly even Saturday. Although, it might be too soon still..I might do the ugly cry; could get awkward with other people in the room ;).
And then the FINAL episode appeared. I was excited, but also nervous. I hadn't read Twitter spoilers or anything, so I had no idea of what to expect, and I liked it that way. There are so many good moments, that it's hard to narrow it down. As a whole, it's hands down one of the best episodes. There was so much heart and you could feel the emotion of every single actor...it wasn't just the characters that were speaking. It was Joy, Sophia, Rob, Shantel, Lee, Antwon, Lisa, James, etc. I honestly can't think of any other way that it could've gone.
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Highlights for me:
  • The Naley references to the cracker jacks and rain
  • Logan calling Quinn "mom" and Clay "dad"
  • Julian buying Brooke's old house
  • Young Nathan on the Rivercourt
  • Haley singing at Tric
  • Nathan giving Chris his old guitar that he had sold on their road trip back in the day
  • The group sitting in the stands of the high school gym watching Jamie play, flashing back to their moments there...and that he beat Nathan's record!!! :*) Sniffle, sniffle
  • Brooke's moment in the school hallway with Julian; missing it
  • Haley explaining the predictions to Jamie
  • The talk Nathan and Jamie had at the Rivercourt about playing sports
  • The cast rocking out to Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Want To Be" at Tric

As you can see, I could go on and on about this episode. Just when I'd think I was done crying through Chase and Chris' scenes, something else would come up and I'd start all over again. And that is everything that a finale should be. I love that there was an ending, but everyone is still in Tree Hill. Most of the time when a series ends, they all move away or start a completely different chapter of their lives. I love that you can picture them all still in the same town, just adjusting to life's many changes as they always have. As the years go by, you might not have a new episode, but you can picture Haley and Nathan dealing with a now high school Jamie, Brooke and Julian raising their little family and running the store, and the rest of the gang doing whatever journey it is they're embarking on. 

In the interview special Mark Schwahn said, "We’re still here. We just won’t see you every week. I like that tone, and I like that feel. So I kind of wanted to leave the fans with that, like Tree Hill will always be here. And I think that’s a nice place to be." I 
couldn't have put it into words more perfectly.

"Go Jamie!"

That's all for now folks. Good night Tree Hill :)

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