April 7, 2012

New TV Show Obsession: Felicity

Now that One Tree Hill is finished, I've been trying to find a new show to get into. Thank goodness for Netflix, right? I stumbled upon Felicity (starring Keri Russell), seeing as it was recommended. I remember hearing about this show around the same time as Dawson's Creek, Party of Five and the rest of those...but I never really watched or kept up with it at all. I was probably under the age of ten at the time, so that might explain it.
I was extremely bored late this afternoon, and decided to give it a try. From the minute it started, I was practically hooked. You see, a show has to really hit me in the first episode or I'll just quit watching. It's all or nothing with me! There's been a theme with the shows I watch: small towns, drama, eccentric characters that I feel like I could be BFF's with, and there's just a lot of heart in it. You can feel the warmth of each person and the script is much deeper than just another show for entertainment or shock value. I want a moral or lesson at the end of each episode, where the character feels remorse for a wrong action or there are consequences for not doing what they should have. I want to see the characters grow as human beings. I ended up finding that in this show!
I immediately clicked with Felicity. She's a college age girl that is trying to find her way in the world; finding out who she wants to be, really figuring out the dating game, and making decisions for herself in another state than her parents. It's a whole new world, and she's inspiring me to want to get out of my comfort zone, just based on the courage she's had to do it.  I also noticed that it was created by J.J Abrams (Lost), who is working on a pilot, Shelter, with Mark Schwahn. I am completely sold on that show already, judging by the hits they've had on their hands already.
I'm almost four episodes into Felicity, and I can already tell this will definitely become one of my favorite shows! I can't wait to stay tuned and find out what happens :)

~Shelby <3

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