March 5, 2012

This Weekend

Saturday was a really long, emotional day. I woke up around 6 or so, got ready, and once my aunt met at our house we all headed to Fresno. It's about the same distance from here to LA, but I think it usually feels longer because I haven't been there as much. It was nice getting to see new scenery. I haven't seen my aunt in awhile, so it was fun getting to catch up with her.

We got to Fresno a little early, so we drove around to check some things out first, then headed to the cemetery for the graveside. It was good getting to see family members I haven't seen in awhile, but sad that it seems the only time we see each other is for a funeral. The service was lovely; the pastor was so spot on with describing Uncle Bud, I found it crazy that he had never actually met him. I learned so much about faith from everything he said. That didn't last very long, and we went to lunch as a family after that.

We had reservations at this place called, The Manhattan. They even had a special menu that day in honor of Uncle Bud. It was really nice of them! It was decorated very classy and elegant, with old Hollywood pictures all around. It was definitely my kind of place.

 We were able to catch up with many family members there. I talked to my mom's cousin and her husband, who are wonderful. I get along with her really well, because she used to work for Creative Artists Agency in LA and did a lot of the type of work I'd like to get into someday. She has worked with a lot of celebrities and has a lot of connections, so it's always fun to hear who she knows, etc. I talked to her husband and he was telling me how his daughter was a journalism major like I am, and how she had started her own website based out of Chicago, where he's from. It's mainly for girls in their 20s, who are getting started at making their mark in this world. I checked it out a little later and thought it was amazing! It's definitely the kind of market I would want to get into. Lunch was really
After that, came the hardest part of the day, I'd say. It was the memorial service at the funeral home. His immediate family (daughter, son, grandchildren, and people he knew from the rescue mission) got up to speak. Each one had me in tears, hearing of how much they loved him and the stories they shared. They also played a slideshow to Carrie Underwood's "Temporary Home". Him and my mom's aunt, Shirley were married 68 years and thinking about how different her life is going to be now that he's gone just really hurt everyone to think about. One, I can't even imagine being married or knowing anyone for that matter, for 68 years, and 2) How do you just pick up and move on after that? They showed me that true love is really out there. They said even in his last few days, every time Aunt Shirley would walk into the room, he'd go on and on about how beautiful she was and what a wonderful wife she had been. I hope to find someone like that.

We went back to my aunt's house after and visited some more with everyone and had more food, which was delicious. All around the house were pictures of Uncle Bud and Aunt Shirley, and even in the midst of everything, you couldn't help but smile. We didn't stay very long, but it was good getting to say hi to everyone. 

On our way home we stopped at their Macy's, because it's a lot nicer than ours. They had a lot on sale! While my mom and dad were in the shoe department, my aunt and I did a little exploring of our own. It was fun. We stopped at In-N-Out for dinner and came home, while playing 20 questions! That's always hilarious. Pretty soon, it came to where we were just doing TV shows and movies, which were a lot more fun and challenging anyway.
I though these would be fun hats for the tea party we're planning!
Yesterday morning (Sunday), I was scheduled to sing on the worship team, which when morning came I was really starting to regret. I was feeling exhausted and not feeling so well in general. Not everyone was there on time, practice didn't get started until 7:40 or so, parts weren't coming together easily (we didn't have practice on Thursday), and just all these little things that were making everyone irritated. But, in moments like that you just have to remember the whole reason you're singing in the first place. If the parts aren't there, just sing lead and focus on worship above everything else. First service actually went really well, and it was a lot of fun! And there were no critical comments to go over, so that was a plus :)

I hung out with the band after first service, like I usually do. I messed around with my phone, tried to read a little bit, and just talked to a few people. It's so much fun getting to hear stories about gigs they've played, etc. During the second service, I sat in the audience with my parents. The message was on, yeah! There was that. Interesting stuff, but it can be awkward at moments. After service, I hung out with a few friends that were volunteering. A couple (Makenzie and Hillary) were selling cake pops, so I talked to them for a few minutes. even about the new "relationship" between Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift. Then, I went into the coffee shop to chat with Febe.  I was really starting to get a bad headache and not feel so great, so I grabbed an ice tea and took medicine. Pretty soon, it was time for the last service of the day! That went really great. The last song really had everyone coming alive and feeling God's presence.

Red velvet! YUM!
My parents surprised me with new jeans! :D
I went to lunch with my parents to a local Mexican restaurant, Mexacali, which was so good! I came home yesterday afternoon and pretty much crashed. I was so exhausted that I took a nap, which I don't do very often. I think the last time I probably took one was my Senior year in high school. I even slept through two of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. That's when you know something's wrong with me. LOL. When I woke up, we went to the theater to see the new Dr.Seuss movie, The Lorax. A couple of our family friends met up with us, which was cool. It was a really cute movie, and I loved the message behind it, "It's not about the seed, it's about what you do with it." That's something we could all learn from it, and if/when you see it, then you'll understand it completely.

Last night was the first Sunday night I had been home in awhile. I decided not to go to Bible study since I had gone on Friday, and I was just not up for it. Instead, I went to California Pizza Kitchen with my parents which was fun. We came home and watched The Wonder Years together, and my cat (who used to really not like me) kept jumping on me and cuddling with me. CRAZY! I've really grown to love that cat.

When 11:00 rolled around, I was still ready for bed even with the nap. I turned on a episode of One Tree Hill and was out. Despite some of the events of the weekend, it was really great. I'm learning that it's important to find the silver lining of everything, because you'll be a lot better off for it.

That's all for now,

I woke up this morning to a text from Febe, asking if I wanted to get out of town for the next day and a half with the girls and go to the mountains. I worked some things out and will be able to! What a wonderful start to the week. Hope all of you have a great week! :) Make it count. 

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