March 8, 2012

American Idol Recap

Last night on American Idol, the guys sang Stevie Wonder, while the girls paid tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston. I think the girls are proving that they are here to stay, but the guys are still just sort of mediocre and finding their way. 

My favorites of the night were Hollie Cavanaugh and Jessica Sanchez! They blew me away with their pipes; singing such huge songs for Whitney. Normally when people pick powerful songs that should be sung by the original, it makes you cringe...but these girls really did them justice, but gave it a little something new for this generation. My mom and I voted for them, so my fingers are crossed for them tonight! I also really enjoyed Phillip Phillips' version of Superstitious. Over the years, countless people have sang that same song on the Idol stage, and every single time it's nothing different. Phillip finally changed the arrangement and made it something fresh. I was extremely impressed with his performance, and I think he's getting better as the weeks go on. He's definitely one of the guys to watch this season.As for the weakest links, I have to say that I agree with Jennifer and Steven that it goes to Elise and Shannon. I was really pulling for Elise, but you could tell she wasn't very comfortable with the song and didn't connect with it as much. The connection level also goes for Shannon too. I think she has the vocals, but doesn't necessarily relate because she's only sixteen. On another note...Heejun needs to go. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry; I'm just not a fan! 
That's all for now,We'll see who goes home and who will proceed to the next round.

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