March 8, 2012

One Tree Hill Recap-Every Breath Is A Bomb

Mark Schwann seriously knows how to step it up season after season. No matter what crazy story line has come into our path, it has turned out for the best. Therefore, we need to just trust that he's going to end the series the way the fans would want it to, even if it's not necessarily what we had in mind from the beginning. 

I really liked last night's episode, but it wasn't my favorite. There was actually a lot going around that people thought it was a bad episode, which I don't really agree with. They didn't understand why Haley dressed the way she did and did what she did to just find out information about Nathan. I completely understood why she did that...she's desperate at this point. Heck, she's working with Dan; she thought that was stooping to the lowest level. She was extremely tough, and I enjoyed seeing that side in her come out. Nathan's not around to fight the battles for her and she stepped out and found her inner warrior.Paul Johannson and Joy Galeotti are incredible together. I have seriously enjoyed their scenes this season, because like Mark Schwann said, they find the things that other people might not see and they have a certain rhythm. No words can capture just exactly what they're doing to pull this story line with Nathan together. 

As for Brooke, oh how I'm afraid of what comes next. I think Xaviar has been up to something all along; if he had really changed, her following him around town wouldn't have just "triggered" something in him to want revenge. I don't think it was smart of Brooke and Julian to just follow him around town the way they did, where he would see that they called the police on him, because that will just mean more bad news for them. I think Brooke needs to tell Julian about her little run in later that night with Xaviar in front of the cafe. Judging by that last scene where he's holding Davis, it does not mean good things for the Baker family. Also, Tara is really making me angry. She's a B$%^#...literally. They said that she was a bad girl, but she really IS a bad seed. I feel like there's going to be something that ties her in with Xaviar's character and the overall reason that she opened her cafe across the street from Brooke and Haley's. 

I really enjoyed the story line with Clay; how he told Quinn he has a son and the fact that he actually told Logan he was his father. It broke my heart that Logan ran out and doesn't really want anything to do with him, but I'm sure he'll come around. It's obviously a lot for a little kid to handle and for it to come out of the blue like that. I think now that Clay has addressed the real issue of why he has been acting the way he has been, he'll be able to move past that and start getting back to his normal life. Or at least a new normal for him, now that Logan's in the picture.

Finally, I'm glad Chuck finally came around and spoke up for Chase. I'm kind of wondering if that's the end of that story with his dad, though? It seems kind of short-lived and like there wasn't a lot to it really other than to show the relationship between Chuck and Chase, and to sort of see why his mom was an alcoholic for so long. Maybe now their family can start over. 

Next week's episode is called, "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will." The title alone sure seems to say a lot. 

Here's the link to a short scene between Brooke and Tara in Karen's cafe. Things are about to go down between the two of them.

Now, there are only 4 more episodes left until the SERIES finale 
:*( I think we should all start stocking up on tissue now. 

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