March 8, 2012

Making A Difference

"Don't listen to them when they say, 'you're just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world. The smallest thing can make all the difference. Love is alive, don't listen to them when they say, 'you're just a fool to believe you can change the world.'"
~Carrie Underwood~

Sophia Bush has really inspired me lately with wanting to get involved in a cause; to be passionate about it and let my voice be heard. She has reminded me that my opinion does matter and that no matter how small your contribution to something is, it makes a difference and can change the course of events. I'd really like to run a marathon or volunteer at a homeless shelter or something where I can just help brighten up someone's day; to give of my time. I have been so blessed in my lifetime and I'd like to give back to others. I have had friends and family that have sacrificed of their time and money to help me and I would really like to do the same.

But, I guess those things don't have to be the only way you can make a difference is if you're volunteering or saving the whales. Use your talents and gifts for the purpose of others; share your story, help someone with their problem, give someone a smile, listen to them, sing a song that will lighten the load, help out in a classroom, or whatever else it is that you're passionate about.

Me? I'm passionate about letting girls know that they're beautiful and they're special (organizations like Team True Beauty and B.A.B.E). I always have been, because I know what it's like to be picked on, even over the dumbest of things. I want girls to know that they are going to make a difference no matter what size they are, what color their hair is, or whatever else the world is telling them they should be. It really is about their heart, and they shouldn't let anyone else look down on them. God created us to be unique for a reason and we are all great at something. We can all be something really great if we believe in ourselves and shoot for the moon. The moment you put limits on your self and the goals you want to achieve, you'll settle for whatever comes your way. This also ties in with bullying and belittling others, which has really grown in the past couple years in our world. I see it everyday with people on Twitter and Facebook, over petty someone got something they didn't and their jealousy got the best of them. GET OVER IT PEOPLE, do you not see that the suicide rates are up over things like that? Get out of your shallow, self-centered bubble and see what's going on around you. I want to get involved in organizations that promote TRUE beauty and stop all the bullying and petty internet crap.

Girls, find your inner strength and stand for something! In fact, it's actually International Women's Day! So, go out there and do something really empowering. Say something that has been on your heart to get out, sign up for an art class, or volunteer to help with kids or animals. Do something that's close to your heart and let your voice be heard.

Here are a few blogs that are all about making a difference and changing the world through art, inspiration, stories, and just speaking the truth that I've found to be really helpful and incredible, because I'm all for girls standing up for the truth and what they believe in:

This is also another cause that has been going around. Actually, they came to my high school I believe it was my Junior or Senior year and I remember signing the petition back then. The way the guys in the documentary were so on fire for this subject was really inspiring, and still is today. They're trying to protect these kids from the danger that they're being faced with on a day to day basis, and that's wonderful. I really hope this campaign makes a difference and gets around like never before. 

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