February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Survey #2

1) An image that most closely symbolizes love for you; why?
This is the most powerful love we will ever know. This right here is everything that love is!

2) An image or description of your favorite Valentine's Day cards when you were younger.
Usually just any of the little typical Valentines you'd get at Wal-Mart. They usually had the latest cartoon or popular movie on them.

3) The first person you wanted to ask to be your valentine. Did you ask?
Hmm...probably the boy I liked in like 1st or 2nd grade. It was kind of an unspoken way of asking, but I'm pretty sure he knew...

4) The first celebrity you wanted to ask to be your valentine.
It was a tie between Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake.

5) How was your first kiss? What do you remember about it?
I'll let you know when it happens! ;)

6) The first Valentine's Day gift you remember receiving. Was it a good one?
I remember getting a little heart shaped basket with some candy and Mary-Kate and Ashley books! LOL. It was a great one :)

7) The Valentine's Day gift that would earn the gifter a kiss?
Something sentimental like a scrapbook, a video montage, or a book of letters/notes/emails/texts, etc.

8) The Valentine's Day gift that would earn the gifter more than a kiss?
A wedding ring...because then you would be married! haha.

9) Chocolate vs Flowers; which do you prefer and why?
Flowers. I think they're more personal.

10) Talk about a Valentine's Day during which you were single.
So, which one should I start with? Because that would be all of them. LOL. Last Valentine's Day was probably the best! I spent it with Mandy and another friend; we watched The Bachelor, pigged out and just talked.

11) Talk about a Valentine's Day disappointment.
Not having a Valentine?

12) Love vs lust; what's the difference?
Love rules. Lust is shallow. The end.

13) Describe your ideal Valentine.
My ideal Valentine looks a lot like Nick Jonas...HAHA.

14) Describe your ideal Valentine's Day date.
Going to Santa Monica for the day, having dinner at a small little place close to the beach and just walking along the pier at night eating ice cream. I'm not even that crazy about ice cream, it just seems like the thing to do! Or going up to the Griffith Observatory at night to look at the stars and just talk.

15) Your favorite flowers and why?
Daisies. They're so bright and cheerful.

16) Your top five favorite candies?
Skittles, Starbursts, Butterfinger, Snickers, 3 Musketeers

17) Lingerie; yes or no? Why?

18) Most romantic song? Why?
Your Everything-Keith Urban. Listen to it, and you'll know exactly why. It's the sweetest song on the entire planet.

19) Most romantic place on earth?
Disneyland? I have no idea...But, probably somewhere in Southern California. There are a lot of great places there (we're on the border of it).

20) Most romantic movie you've ever seen? What made it romantic instead of just cheesy?
The Notebook. I think it's romantic, because it's so real; it shows them arguing and disagreeing, but working through all of that because they loved each other.

21) Most romantic book scene ever written?
Anything from a Nicholas Sparks novel...is there anything else??

22) Worst thing someone can do on a date and why?
Pull out their phone every five minutes

23) Best thing someone can do on a date and why?
Do the small things like hold open a door, be intrigued in conversation and just really show that they're interested in YOU.

24) Which is the best: getting asked out in person, via telephone, via text/messenger, or via Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook? Why?
I think it depends on how "official" it is. If it's an official, "will you go out with me? (dinner/movie sort of thing)" then I think it should be done in person. If it's a little more casual and wanting to hang out at the in between phase of being friends/more than friends, a phone call or text will do just fine.

25) Which is the worst (see the above)?
The worst would probably be through a text or a social networking site.

26) Five words that describe your Valentine's Day this year?
Games, Wii, food, Young Adults, Friends.

27) Five words that describe your Valentine this year.
Casper, invisible, non-existant, imaginary, imperceptible

28) Would you rather remember this Valentine's Day forever, or forget it as soon as you're able? Why?
Well...it hasn't happened yet so I can't really say for sure. But, I'm gonna have to go with I'm going to want to remember it forever, because I have a feeling it will be pretty special! Every time I hang out with this group it's an unforgettable time. I can't wait!

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