February 6, 2012

Until Then (An Original Poem)

I'm not the girl to speak my mind so easily
I'm a little timid and guys I like scare me
For rejection and not being the girl he wanted
Are always at the front of my mind
So I stay close to the girls
And keep my heart on guard
Praying soon for the right one to come along shortly
To look past the shyness and coyness
That I sometimes put out there

Wish I could say all the words that I need to say to you
Clear my chest of this mess
That I'm becoming
Because of the hold on me that love has
And I wish you could see
What I pray for us to end up becoming

I believe that you were made for me
But, Lord before I fall too hard
Help me to really think this through
And show me what to do
My heart yearns for what you think is best
And I have a way of falling for an idea
Running with it as far as I can
Without a hint of reality; getting too attached
Afraid of only being hurt in the end

Let me be okay with whatever the outcome
Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong
Show me how to be strong regardless
The only thing I need in this life is You
Because things might not turn out as I've imagined
And I don't want to get my heart broken
I am fragile and easy to break

Someday at the right time
The right guy will come along
There will be no questions or doubts in my mind
When he asks me for my hand...
It could still happen with the one I picture in my mind
But I'm not about to get my hopes up quickly
For I know that might not be the case

He has to have your heart
And love You more than me
Be strong, courageous
The protector of his family
He has to have dreams and goals in mind
Supporting mine as well
I hope he's out there somewhere
On bended knee praying for me
As I've done about him all these years

Until then
I will sit here and wait patiently
Living my life and going for my dreams
There's so much around me
That I want to experience first
When the time is right
It will happen
And until then...
I will wait


~Shelby Nicole

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