February 8, 2012

Love Is A Tricky Thing

"I'm afraid once your heart is involved it all comes out in moron."
~Lorelai Gilmore~

Unfortunately, it's true. Why is it that when we like someone our heads and our hearts can't seem to communicate with one another? We know what we're feeling, and we know what we want to say, but for reasons unknown to us it doesn't come out that way to the opposite sex.

I guess it's true when they say love makes people do crazy things...it's unexplainable and incomprehensible unless you know what falling in love feels like, and even then you have no control over it. Maybe it's another reason the heart and mind can't tell the difference when it comes to love.

One minute our heart is saying "he's the one... It's love," and our mind is trying to talk us out of it. Or the next minute our mind is telling us it's not going to work logically, but the heart wants what it wants. It's hard to say which is which at times, and that's where the tricky part comes in.

Sometimes I guess you have to go through a few wrong ones before you find the right one. I've definitely been wrong a time or two before, but I know that when the right one comes I'll just know. At least that's what they say anyway, and I believe it's true. Maybe I'm on the right track, maybe I'm not... But for the moment, it sure feels great falling. And this time it doesn't feel like I'm just going for an idea!



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