February 6, 2012

Every Second Is A Highlight

Saturday (yesterday):
Wow! This weekend was amazing, and every second is seriously a highlight with the girls, let me tell ya! But, more on that in a minute. Yesterday was pretty relaxed for the most part; I spent the day with my parents running errands and we went to lunch.
Pinterest planning and coffee

I came home for awhile, then went to Hillary's house for a girls night! It was so much fun. We had pizza, watched TV, chatted awhile, and then went stargazing. My friend, Makenzie, that I've known since about 4th grade came over for awhile too, and it was great catching up with her. Unfortunately, she had to leave before we headed out of town, but we're definitely going to do this again very soon! The road trip for getting there alone was a lot of fun. I guess it's true about what they say that "half the fun is getting there!" We went up just past this little town called, Tehachapi, and found an old dirt road, where no one was around, to park. Looking back on it, it sounds like a horror movie waiting to happen (and it gets worse in a little bit ;) LOL). We hopped out of the car and just admired what was all around us...it really was pretty indescribable and I guess God's creation is just that way. It's just us girls laughing until we can't breathe, talking, and taking random pictures with one another. The sky was incredible; clear, full of stars and galaxies, with mountains all around us. It felt like the world was wide open to us and in that moment anything was possible. Later on, the girls confessed that the area reminded them of "The Hills Have Eyes," which really creeped all of us out, and I've never even seen the movie. We had been out there around 30 minutes or so when a big diesel truck pulls up, and Febe's like "Okay, guys let's go!" and Viviyan keeps telling us all to hurry and get in the car! I have never seen any of us get ready so quickly in my life. We all just tossed everything into the car, and drove off. It was the most hilarious thing ever! Ceci had forgotten her drink in the backseat and was freaking out, trying to grab it before it spilled when Febe was about to turn a corner. "Oh my gosh you guys, it didn't spill. God loves me!" was her response. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, it was totally God!
On the way home we brainstormed ideas for our Valentine's Day dinner next Saturday and talked about Relay for life, both of which I'm really excited about! Another funny moment was when everyone had been talking, but we hadn't heard from Febe in awhile and Hillary pointed out. We asked her if she had heard what was going on, and she was like, "Oh, sorry guys I zoned out there for a minute," to which we semi-freaked out and told her to pull over, but she said she was fine. And we made it back to Hillary's in one piece. For those reading who don't know Febe, she's totally responsible and it was fine...one of those 'you had to be there kind of moments'? LOL.

Playlist for the night that describes the night:
Dancing In The Moonlight-Jessie J
The Girl In The Moon-Everly
Dirt Road Prayer-Lauren Alaina
Wide Open-Jason Aldean
Untouchable-Taylor Swift
When I Look To The Sky-Train
Sweet Serendipity-Lee DeWyze
Saturday Night-Aaron Carter 

We got back to Hillary's house and jumped into the jacuzzi for some more "bonding" time, planning our Spring tea party and ate s'mores, and finally around 1:30 we decided to call it a night.

Sunday (Today):

Today was Superbowl Sunday, as I'm sure everyone already knew. We went to church! It was such an incredible message on experiencing freedom. It reminded me that I don't have to be perfect for God, no matter what anyone else's standards for me are. He loves me just the way I am and that my performance here on earth should be played to an audience of one! It's easy to get caught up in the rules and regulations of things or trying to be perfectionists, that we miss out on what God really wants from us. So, the big question was are you trying more or trusting more? Just awhile back my answer would've been trying more, but lately I've been all about trusting more. I realize that I can't do it on my own and I can't go around the rest of my life trying to please other people or fit their standards; the only one that matters is Christ.

  • John 8:36 "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."
  • 2 Corinthians 3:17 "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
After church, we went home to relax for a little while and watched Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler's Crossroads which was amazing! I am so excited that Carrie is finally back again with new music coming up. From the sounds of it, it's going to knock our socks off...just saying! I also went over to the house that I'm housesitting for to check on their cats, then it was time to get ready for the Superbowl festivities. We went over to our Pastor/family friends' house, because it's kind of been a tradition off and on over the last however many years! It was fun getting to hang out with them! I'm not really into football or even the commercials, but it's cool when you get to hang out with friends and just have a good time. The second half of the game I will admit I was pretty into it. I might not have understood 100% what was going on completely, but I understand what a touchdown means and that's really all that matters in the end ;) Plus, the team I was pulling for (Giants) WON! So WOO HOO :D

Doggy that blends in!! LOL. 
"Love is not written on paper, for paper can be wasted, nor is it etched in stone, for stone can be broken.
But, it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain." 

After the game ended, we went over to my grandparents' house to visit for awhile because they don't live too far away from where we were. It was a fun night getting to spend it with them as well :)

I'm falling asleep very quickly, so off to bed I go! Hope everyone has an incredible week! 


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