January 12, 2012

January 11, 2012

Today was really great! I woke up this morning; watched James Lafferty on KTLA morning news...which is not a bad way to start off the day, might I add ;). I had some coffee and was able to take my time getting ready. My mom and I had lunch with my best friend and her mom for my birthday (Friday). We seriously always have the greatest talks! I love it when the four of us get together, which doesn't happen very often since Laurie is in Michigan for school.

My mom and I ran to Target, then chilled at home for the rest of the afternoon. I watched One Tree Hill, of course, in honor of the season premiere tonight! We had dinner a little later on, and watched the first 30 minutes or so of One Tree Hill on the CW, until it was time to meet my best friend and her mom again for ice cream!

Me and Laurie! 
Butterfinger ice cream...yum!

We watched the People's Choice Awards when we got home, which were kind of disappointing really. They weren't as exciting as I thought they'd be, but oh well...Now, I'm off to get ready for bed and finish up the remainder of One Tree Hill.

What did everyone think of the premiere tonight!?

With love,

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