January 8, 2012

Friday, Friday...

Friday, I slept in a little later after getting home so late Thursday night. I really didn't feel like doing anything, but I get bored so easily...there was no way I was just going to stay at home and not do anything. So, my mom and I got ready, ran our usual errands and had lunch at Chipotle. It was so crowded, we had to eat it in our car in the parking lot, which has never happened before. Boy, was that fun...NOT! It was kind of messy, but oh well. It was an adventure. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We ran to Forever 21 to find some jewelry for my mom's outfit last night, and Ulta for makeup necessities. I got home and was ready for a nap, but that didn't last long, because I text my friend Mandy to see if she wanted to hang out...and just about an hour later that's exactly what we were doing; apparently she'd had the same idea I did :)

She showed us her new car (which is extremely impressive btw), then her and I drove to her house to pick up her parents for dinner. We went to this Mexican restaurant that was pretty tasty! Then, Mandy and I decided to go to Target and explore, but ended up not being there too long. We tried to think of something else adventurous to do...so we ended up cruising the Marketplace, and basically if you know our town, it's where all the wanna-be's go to act "cool" on a Friday night. It's mainly Jr. Hi age kids and Freshmen in high school walking around, and not doing much of anything. But, she had a new car to show off, so we rolled down the windows, turned up the tunes and made it enjoyable. After that, we were really at a loss for what to do, so we ended up just parking in front of my house and listening to her XM Radio with the sunroof open to the perfect view of the moon. It was very relaxing and peaceful! Also, the perfect way to spend/end a Friday night!

At Ulta!

Mandy's dog, Brody!

Listening to the radio in her new car :)

"The Girl in the moon is alone with the stars and the spaceships. The girl in the moon is alone and alive!"

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