January 12, 2012

"And even though you'll want to...Please try to never grow up!" ~Taylor Swift

Twenty. That's two decades. 1/5 of a century. Either way I look at it, I'm getting old. It's crazy to think that I've been on this earth for 20 whole years now. Whoa...

I remember the day I turned 13; it was pretty much the best birthday ever. I was finally a teenager, and from all I had seen on TV, the teen years were supposed to be the best of your life. You'd be in high school, you could date, get your license, and do all sorts of other cool things that you just couldn't do as a kid. It was also my "golden birthday", because I turned 13 on the 13th. I went to school that day, had lunch with my mom off campus, one of my close friends Mandy (who's like my sister) brought flowers to my school, and that night I had a sleepover with my cousins. We watched 13 Going On 30, I opened presents, we played games, and watched Newlyweds (with Nick and Jessica) all night pretty much. Leaving that on all night and talking loudly made my mom come out a few times to tell us to go to bed soon, and us laughing hysterically after she'd leave. It was the year I decided I was going to marry Chad Michael Murray (hahahaa...wishful thinking!), switched to a new school, made some new friends that I'm still close with, and so many other things that really made an impact on the life I have now.

I don't know if my "teen" years were the best ones yet, but they were pretty wonderful looking back. I finally took a chance on things I'd always wanted to, grew in my faith a little more, opened up more, found out more about myself and the strength I have...and of course, all the fun things that high school brings. Were they like I thought they'd be thanks to Full House or Boy Meets World? Hardly. But, there were some great times that I will never forget as long as I live. I complained a lot and I had a really bad attitude a lot of the time, and things were probably never as bad as they seemed. There were times I was unhappy, but others that I couldn't contain my happiness. There were some really bad days, but also really good ones, and I'll be grateful for both of them, because it shaped me into who I am today.

Reminiscing on birthdays past, I had some really great parties/celebrations:

  • 13-Sleepover with cousins
  • 14-Build a Bear/cruise to Mexico
  • 15-Family dinner at Olive Garden/cake and presents at home
  • 16-Had friends over for a Hollywood themed party with the coolest cake ever! Got new stuff to redecorate my room with cheetah
  • 17-Had friends over for a party, watched movies. Family came over on Sunday. One of my best friends surprised me in my math class (she went to a different high school). My friend, Mandy, also took me out to dinner and a movie. 
  • 18-The BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Chuck Wicks called me. Went to Nashville to see Carrie Underwood at the Ryman (2nd row), ate at Demo's, got to shop along Broadway for a little while, met Sheryl Crow...Had a blast!!
  • 19-Day at home. Had lunch with my mom, got some cupcakes, and had dinner at Outback. Presents at home. 

I'm excited to see what my 20's will be like. I know there'll be some really exciting times, but probably some really trying times as well. Whatever is about to happen, I'm ready for the ride. God is in control...I am not; something I have to continually remind myself of. So, here's to the 20s: To being fearless and not holding back, trusting my instincts more, let go of the past, to not let bitterness and anger from past situations affect right now, to not be so hard on myself and others, to trust God above all else, and to live in the moment.

That's all for now,

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