December 29, 2011

"Another Year Has Gone By..." ~Celine Dion~

2011 has been such an incredible year! I'm going through some of my old journals from this year and realized there were so many wonderful moments that I never could've imagined happening! There were are also a lot of not so great moments, and moments of me trying to work through things, but I think it made me a better person because of it. My life is not always rainbows and bunnies like I tend to post on here, but I also have no reason to complain either; I'm just trying to find a happy medium; to be happy even through the storms. Here are some of my highlights from 2011!
  • Hanging out by the red carpet for the People's Choice Awards 
  • Completed the entire series of Friends on DVD
  • The Back to December (Taylor Swift) came out on my birthday
  • Started my second semester of college
  • Had my first job interview
  • Got an internship with an entertainment blog (
  • Went to Las Vegas for the weekend to see George Strait, Reba, and LeeAnn Womack. Met LeeAnn and got George's set list after the show!
  • Got to work on the school magazine last semester
  • Spent Valentine's Day with girlfriends watching the Bachelor and eating junk food. It was PERFECT!
  • Joined Keith Urban's fan club
  • Started watching Pretty Little Liars (I'm always late with shows, but then I'm hardcore after that)
  • Crazy weather with everything happening in Japan; our ocean even got it a little
  • Started bike riding more and focusing on getting into a healthy lifestyle
  • Went to Disneyland for the first time in a good couple years...never thought I'd say that!
  • FINALLY SAW THE JONAS BROTHERS AND SELENA GOMEZ IN CONCERT (and also got snowed in that night, and we weren't able to make it home until like 5 or 6 the next morning)
  • Went to Soul Surfer premiere; could've gone inside too if we had just waited a few minutes longer
  • Went to Jay Leno taping; saw Carrie Underwood and Matthew Morrison
  • Went to a TON of Dodger games because of season tickets
  • Had a great talk with a former teacher, and was able to get a lot about my life established to start moving forward-something I've had a very hard time doing
  • Started singing on the worship team at church
  • Saw Chris Young in concert at Crystal Palace
  • Stayed up all night to watch The Royal Wedding complete with tea and biscuits
  • Went to California Adventures for Mother's Day weekend with family friends; hung out by Pirates of the Caribbean premiere entrance. Met Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, David Cook, Francia Raisa, and saw Adam Sandler in the park
  • Scoreboard dedication at my old high school for one of our friends/classmates that passed away our Junior year
  • Went to the American Idol finale; one of the coolest experiences of my LIFE. I've waited 10 years for that. 
  • Took tour of WB Studios again; got to walk on Pretty Little Liars sets
  • Went to Nashville for CMA Fest; got to hang out with friends I've met through the love of Country music
  • Won a Brad Paisley autographed guitar and Ipod shuffle
  • I started writing to 2 pen pals (one in Arizona, the other in Michigan). They've made my life a lot better!
  • Took business class and passed with an A this summer, also took a math class and passed
  • Got together with some friends from church we hadn't talked to in awhile
  • Went to a mixer with my aunt, and made some connections for an internship with the news station
  • Had a skating party at the rink we used to go to every weekend...hasn't changed a bit HAHA
  • Went to Universal Studios with Mandy and had a blast!
  • Went to Las Vegas and LA for the week during the summer for a short vacation; Saw Donny and Marie in concert
  • Went to Taylor Swift concert at the Staples Center; met most of her band; won Pit passes!!!!! Oh, and some kid named Justin Bieber showed up ;)
  • Sterling Knight answered one of my questions on his live chat (yes, I am aware of how much of a dork I am)
  • Hung out by the premiere of Dolphin Tale; met Vanessa Williams and a couple others! Also got free ice cream from the after party
  • Found the Brady Bunch house, the Wonder Years house, and the house from Father of the Bride
  • Got into One Tree Hill and completed the series in about a month! Incredible show; I have grown to love the cast and characters so much.
  • Got a few tweets from Chad Michael Murray that pretty much made my life
  • Spent the day in LA with mom at The Grove; met Hilary Duff at her second book signing.
  • Saw Kellie Pickler at our fair and met her again :)
  • Helping out at my church's school carnival
  • Had a "defining moment" at our first Young Adult service at church
  • Started going to Bible study at church where I met some of the greatest friends I could have possibly asked for
  • A lot of wonderful moments with my girls (games, movie night, heart to hearts, dinner out, texting conversations, etc.)
  • Had a blast with my family this year; I felt closer to them now than I ever have before
  • Passed English and Speech with an A!!!!!
  • Church Christmas concert at Rabobank theater was such a huge success and so much fun to be part of.
  • Having my first "job" of housesitting for a friend's house from church
  • Going to the Hollywood Christmas Parade
  • White elephant Christmas party at church
  • Secret Santa with the high school gang
  • Getting a MAC Desktop!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Going to the lake with my parents and uncle for Memorial day weekend, and going bowling that night with family friends
  • Meeting Eden's Edge
  • Starting a blog with my friend Steph
  • Seeing Keith Urban in concert (an actual arena show as part of the tour) for the first time
  • Meeting Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery
  • Took a tour of Paramount Studio 
  • Most importantly this year, I grew in my faith and walk with God. I haven't been where I should be, and I'm still far from where I want to be, but I'm getting closer. I've been working on my daily Bible reading the past couple months, and that's what it's really all about. If you're not getting fed spiritually fed, you die inside, and I think I have been that way for too long now. I'm glad to feel like I'm getting back on the right track. Right now, my relationship with God is more important than anything else, and it's time I start acting like it. 
So, here's to you 2011 and thanks for being so good to me :) I can't believe there are only 2 more days left...WHOA! It feels like we were just doing this. I guess as you get older the years really do go by faster.

That's all for now and I hope you all had an amazing year! Feel free to share highlights of your year on here or on Twitter!


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