November 13, 2011

What A Week This Has Been

It's amazing how so much can change in a week, and in this case it was all for the better. Here's my week!

I gave a speech on American Idol for my speech class! I ended up getting a 98% and the teacher was really impressed! I was floating the rest of the day based on that! Later that night, I went to a Bible study at church. Who knew that would impact the rest of my week so much and in so many ways? I met four amazing girls that night, and it felt like I had known them forever. Even though I wasn't feeling very well that night, my spirit was lifted in a way that it hasn't been in awhile. God is doing some incredible work, and I'm finally stepping back to let Him. I don't want to be so in control all the time.

Letter from my pen pal in Michigan

A backstreet boy is now following me on Twitter...random! Lol

Making banana nut bread.


I went to dinner with my aunt at Outback for her birthday! That was a lot of fun; lots of laughs :)
She brought me the entire series of REBA...Yee haw!!!

CMA Awards were on, and that's a big deal in our household! We made sure we were home for the red carpet and all.
Good luck for Taylor!!! I didn't take my time, so it came out a little lopsided hahah

Dinner! So good!! :)

I went to lunch with my best friend! We were able to catch up and hang out for awhile, then she helped me for a few hours with math. Thanks to her, I was able to get a lot of my homework done that I hadn't been understanding really! I had to miss choir practice for the Christmas concert, which I was really sad about...but right now, Math has to be a top priority!

My new Taylor ornament!! #2 in the series :)

It was Veteran's Day, so that meant no class. A HUGE thank you to all the Veteran's out there and all that they do for our country. Words will never be able to express just what they do for us, and the reason we have the freedom we do. They are risking their lives, so we can live ours in peace everyday. My mom and I went to lunch with my aunt. And we went to a craft fair where they have a bunch of goodies and knick knacks, some that people have made, and others that are just good deals. Later that night, I went out with some new friends, and one of my friends that I've known for quite some time!  It was a G.N.O (Girl's Night Out) and it was a blast! We had dinner at Olive Garden, grabbed some frozen yogurt, talked for hours, and laughed a lot. Then, we proceeded to take pictures in front of Tutti Frutti haha. I'll try to post some of those pictures later! It was one of the BEST nights I've had in a long time. God is doing some incredible things! I just can't say it enough lately.

It was a rainy Friday!

Me and Viviyan
Yesterday was a typical Saturday. I was able to relax at home a little while, had lunch with my parents, and ran to a few different stores. I had some hot cocoa and watched Monte Carlo last night with my mom, and almost fell asleep, because I finally let myself relax! It was a good day, and I'm loving this weather. It's rainy and cold :)
Ulta is a little overwhelming with all the beauty supplies everywhere!

Hot Cocoa...

I get bored in the drive thru and draw smiley faces on my hand LOL.

Today, I went to church. It was a really great service about forgiveness. No matter how many times I hear it, I realize just how much I needed to be reminded of it. We let labels of what other people have told us all of our lives define who we are. We let past mistakes run our lives now, and we need to let it go. The main point I got from it is that "You are not what you have done. You are who God says you are!" I beat myself up a lot over past mistakes that I've already dealt with. I let it haunt me, and God doesn't hold those over me, so why should I let it affect my present and future? What's done is done.
We're going up to my grandpa's house for dinner, which should be fun...then, it's back to a fun filled, busy week! :)

Be Fearless!
xoxo Shelby

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