November 18, 2011

My Life in Photos This Week-Week of November 13

Edit of an old picture of me when I was little

Lauren Alaina's mom!!


Two for one holiday drinks at Starbucks

The trees in the small town that I go to for school
Tweet from LeAnn Rimes :)

I saw a tweet from Lucy Hale, clicked the in reply to, and my tweet showed up in the middle. Probably means nothing, but I thought it was cool if she did happen to see that ;) LOL. I'm such a nerd.
The trees around town today

Making pumpkin cookies

This week went by really fast, and it wasn't too stressful either. Here's to a great week of Thanksgiving. Starting tomorrow, I want to list one thing I'm thankful for everyday! Although, we can do that every day of the year..we don't need to wait for the holiday to say it.

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