November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Is Just A Week Away

I can't believe the holiday season is already upon us! I saw a friend had tweeted about Thanksgiving being just a week away, and my response was, "No, are you sure?" in my head. My mom confirmed the fact that indeed, Thanksgiving will be next week. I'm so excited. It's a little tradition I have that to prepare myself for whatever holiday it is, and to get in the festive mood, I watch holiday episodes of my favorite shows. I thought I'd share some of them with you :)

All of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes! How hilarious is that gang?! Especially around the holidays!

Gilmore Girls is an incredibly witty and festive episode, also one of my favorites period! :)

I just saw One Tree Hill's Thanksgiving episode for the first time the other day, and LOVED it!

I love seeing families and friends interact with each other around the holidays; it gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings, because it's the greatest time of year! There's something so unexplainable about it!

  There's something about the holidays not going perfectly, or going the way you pictured them in your mind that really make me feel all warm and fuzzy. You plan for the dinner table to look like it's out of a Macy's catalogue, the family to sit around after dinner discussing the world events or how your lives are going, for the turkey to be perfect and the stuffing to taste good, and for the weather to be chilly and the leaves to fall just so. But, the holidays never turn out quite like that do they? And I've learned that sometimes that's for the best.
    I see my favorite shows like Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Friends, or some other show from the 90s when it comes to watching the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes. Not everything goes perfectly for them either. The turkey is burned, siblings are bickering, someone forgot to bring a certain dish, or past problems come up shaking everyone's world upside down. I always think that it's only my family where things don't go as I'd hoped they would, or we're the only ones who make snide remarks at times, but it's everyone. Everyone's families are the same in one way or another. Nothing is perfect, and holidays turn out differently for everyone-that's the fun of it. Families fight, but at the end of the day, we know who has our back. And families can even be friends, because for some people that's all they have, or that's all they've ever really known.
    You know, it used to really upset me when everyone would come over to our house in a crabby mood or griping about this or that, or if I just wasn't in the holiday spirit...blah blah blah. Now, I embrace it, and part of me even looks forward to it, because it is what it is and sometimes you can't change that. I'm not saying bad moods are the way to go, but that we shouldn't have some unrealistic view of how things should work out. You can't script what your family is going to say, how the food will turn out, or who wins the football game that day. You can, however, change your attitude towards how it all goes down. So what if the smoke alarm goes off, if family members make annoying digs at you that really get under your skin, or if the pumpkin pie tastes a little too pumpkin-y? I'm done with trying to write the story of how I wish things would be, and would just start taking them for what they has been a lot more fun, lately, when I've tried it that way. Sometimes the best moments in our lives are the ones that are unscripted.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and remember why we celebrate them :)

That's all for now,

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