November 23, 2011

Day 5-I'm Thankful For...

Music and writing. These have been two MAJOR constants in my life for as long as I can remember. Music has always just been in my blood, something I HAD to do, and something that has always been in my family from the time I was really little. Writing came into my life...well, as soon as I learned how to write in Kindergarten haha. From that moment on, I was always writing stories and screenplays, and making these visions that I had in my head come to life. I think what was the coolest thing for me, was that whatever I wanted to happen could, because I was in control with the pen.

When I'm lonely, when I'm sad, when life is unpredictable (and it usually is), when I'm happy, when I've had the most incredible day...whatever the situation is, when I crank up the volume to my Ipod or put pen to paper, my world gets a little bit better. It's my escape, it helps me heal, and helps me process whatever it is I'm going through. Honestly, I thank God for the gift of music and writing. Not only does it help me when I'm able to sing or write, but I love being able to connect with other people and learn more about them as I hear their words come to life. Both are truly so much a part of me, I'd be pretty lost without either.

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