August 8, 2011

Teen Choice Awards 2011

Ah, it's that time of year again...when all the teens cast their votes for their favorite celebrities in movies, TV, and music. It's a time that I've always looked forward to, and now it has come to an end. Alright, at least with the voting anyway. This was my last "official" year to vote for the Teen Choice Awards, because I'm 19, and soon no longer will I be a teen. It's crazy to think about; it's like the end of an era. I remember watching them every year, even before I was a teen, just to see my favorite stars like Nsync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. Ya gotta love being a 90's kid! I wanted to go out with a bang, because not only am I saying goodbye to voting, it's like a part of my childhood is being left behind.

Last night, the awards were on Fox, as always, and the red carpet was shown on Teen Choice's website. I plugged my laptop into my big screen TV, and it was like watching them on TV. Thanks for the reminder, dad. But, you know, every time I watch online red carpets, I think 'there have to be better hosts than this'. The reporters never know much about the stars they're interviewing, are way too over the top, and try too hard. I think they need to have fans, who actually care, interviewing on the red carpet. Just a thought! Everyone looked great, and the cool thing about these awards are that they're very laid back, and it's all about the teens making a difference, and celebrities being celebrated for their work. It's a win, win! The trend of the red carpet seemed to be plastic dresses; those had to be HOT!

The awards had quite a few highlights for me, like:
  • Selena Gomez's performance (Taylor, Beiber, and Joey all rocking out, and Demi singing along). I enjoyed seeing my girl, 
  • Taylor, being the "Ultimate Choice", because it shows how far she has come since those days when no one would even talk to her. She's living proof that dreams do come true, if you work hard, and don't listen to the naysayers. I also enjoyed seeing her win all of the awards she was up for.
  • It meant a lot to me to see Demi accepting her award for best Summer song, Skyscraper! It is so good to see how she's risen above all of her demons and the past that she's struggled with for so long. I'm also glad to see her and Selena seem to be pretty close again, and they seem to have worked through their little separation :)
  • Kaley Cuoco was a great host, I thought. I wasn't sure when they first announced her, but I thought she was fantastic. She brought a lot of energy, but not so much that she annoyed the crap out of you! 
  • Glee cast! The movie looks great, I can't wait to see it, and during the commercial break I downloaded their new app-which features videos, information, and other things. The best part? It was FREE! 
  • I was sad that the Pretty Little Liars cast wasn't shown more, but hey, what can you do? The good news is that they won all the awards they were nominated for, woo hoo! Lucy Hale looked great, while presenting with Shane West!
Red carpet:

    For a complete list of the winners, go to! There, you can also watch a repeat of the red carpet.
    Here are some other great articles on the fashion choices and winners from last night:

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