August 9, 2011

My Day in Pictures-August 8

 Listened to Selena Gomez while bike riding! Good energy with it :) I'm obsessed with her new CD.
My bike! There's nothing like a ride on a summer morning to get your day started :)

Got a letter from my friend in Michigan. I met her through Taylor Swift, in a roundabout way, and we've been talking and decided to become pen pals! She also sent me a bracelet and a guitar pick from Taylor's guitar player, Grant. Definitely made my day!

With my mom having had surgery on Monday, she's still not feeling great to go running all kinds of errands, so she made a list and my aunt and I went for her. It has made me realize how I need to become more responsible, and be able to handle things like this...and get my license, more importantly! The bell peppers were really pretty, so I had to take some pictures...I probably looked strange, but oh well.

 The soup we made; it's for the diet. It's pretty tasty!

My snack for the day.
My best friend surprised my family with a fruit bouquet, because we gave them some dodger tickets on the 4th of July! So cool. I've always wanted one; they're so fun and festive.
Chocolate covered apple slice; so good!!

Today was all about enjoying the little surprises in life! I'm trying to just take everything in, and take life one day at a time. You only get one life, and I want to experience it all, instead of being so afraid of everything. I'm ready to take risks and chances, and love every minute of it, even if it doesn't work out the first time.

Peace, love, and be fearless,

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