August 8, 2011

Blast From The Past

Lately, I've been back in my "Hilary Duff phase", although, I guess I never really went out of it. I just miss those days when she was all Disney could talk about, back when Disney was good. I LOVED her, and still do. She was like my Taylor Swift growing up, and I still really look up to her and admire her so much, not only for her work, but because she was the first teen star to really change things for pop culture, I feel like. She was also like Taylor in the sense that, I never felt like she was some "celebrity", I felt like we could've been friends or that I at least knew her, because she didn't let fame go to her head.
I finally got to meet her last October at the Elixir book signing, and she could not have been sweeter! She was taking pictures with everyone, even though it said she wouldn't be on the ticket, and she was taking time to talk to people. I really hope she does another signing for the next book,so I can try to meet her again! :)
I love that even though she's 23, and is continuing to grow up, she's still so down to earth and well behaved. Every time the paparazzi catches her, it's because she's getting her hair done or grocery shopping...she's NORMAL! It's crazy to think that some of her fellow teen stars, like Lindsay Lohan and Aaron Carter, haven't had quite as much success in that department. I guess it all goes back to the upbringing, and the parents.

Peace, Love, and be Fearless,

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