August 12, 2011

The Past Couple Days...

Have been really great! Yesterday, I hung around at home most of the day, then last night, we went to the Buck Owen's Crystal Palace for a free show. But, it wasn't just a free show to me, because I LOVE this new group, Eden's Edge that was playing there. They put on a great show, and I ended up getting to meet them after! They could not have been sweeter! I'm so looking forward to watching their career blossom into something really amazing! :) They are currently on tour with Brad Paisley; If you have the chance to see them/meet them...take it! You won't be sorry. They've also become good Twitter friends too ;) I'll be posting some videos later on!

My outfit

My new Miss Me jeans

You can't go to a country concert without boots. It's just not right!

Our dessert

The venue

Me and the group
Today was pretty exciting as well. I woke up, hung around, then got a phone call from my friend, asking if I wanted to help her out with setting up her classroom, because she's officially a teacher now, with her own room. I had lunch, got ready, then she picked me up. It was a lot of fun, and her room is starting to look great! We got the borders up, some posters, and a few other things! I'm so excited for her :) As soon as I got home, I ran some errands with my mom, we ate dinner, we came home, and watched Soul Surfer.
My nails!

What an inspiring movie. It really changes the way you look at things; changes your perspective. Sometimes we all just need to step away from the problem we're having and realize that sometimes there are worse situations.
All of this helping out in a classroom really made me miss elementary school; the cheerful posters and bright colors around the room, the light load of homework, the fun school supplies, and the great teachers I had. Then, you get to college, and it's all work...that's not to say I haven't had amazing teachers and moments through the years of high school and even classes now, but it's just different when you're a kid. Everything is so exciting and you have your parents making the decisions for you. As you get older, it's on you, and that can be a little challenging at times, but I guess it's all part of growing up. So, even if only for a day it was good to have some flashbacks of being in an elementary classroom! :)

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