March 12, 2014

The Last Long Wednesday

Today was my very last long day of classes, and surprisingly enough this quarter went by fairly quickly. I feel like I was just starting to prepare myself to return to school after Christmas break, and here we are at spring break already. Wow.

It's funny how towards the end of the quarter, it all doesn't seem quite as intimidating. Like, why can't I just have that mentality from the beginning? Something to think about for next time, I suppose.

Today was a rather different one, and much more enjoyable, I must say.

In feature writing, we had a guest speaker, who is the editor-in-chief of one of our local magazines. She talked to us about opportunities to do a bit of freelance writing, internships and told us how she got her start. It was fascinating! Then, after class I was able to talk to her a few minutes about possibly doing an internship during the summer or maybe even the fall, depending on how my schedule looks at that time.

Normally, I would stay on campus for lunch, but my mom picked me up instead. We didn't eat, but I had to pick up some food for our party at the newspaper, so we ran to Albertson's. I grabbed a couple bags of chips and then we decided to pick up some bagels for breakfast in the morning and went to Target for a little while. By the time we'd run all these errands, I was ready to call it a day! HA!

I went back to school a few minutes early, and our party started at 12:45. We all brought different foods, a la potluck style, so there were tacos, chicken, pizza, cupcakes, cookies and more. We ate a lot. There was a movie playing in the background, but I don't remember the name…It was from the 70s. I hung out with the editors most of the time, just talking and messing around. Then, we also did awards, just to showcase everyone and to honor the handwork that everyone has put in, as well as the fact that we're all essential to the team and have different roles that we play. I was "awarded" with "most optimistic!" I thought that was pretty exciting, though I can't say I'm always that way.

When class was finished, I stayed in the newspaper room to hang out with some of the editors. We also got a bit of a head start on re-organizing the room, which we hope to complete over spring break. And then we laughed more…

Finally, I had to go to my next class. I thought we were going to have to present, but we ended up just listening to a lecture from his PowerPoint. I wrote notes, read a little, drew a little…Good times. As soon as class was over, I was out of there. Usually, I have another class after, but due to the fact that we were watching Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe, there's no way I was staying. After watching it last quarter (with the same professor), I had no desire to see it again. It's one of those films you really only need to see once. Plus, I found the script online…So, there's that.

Now, I'm at home, listening to music, needing to work on a couple of papers and to start studying for finals. Also, I want to watch Once Upon A Time, because that's my new show! AH! IT'S SO GOOD!

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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