March 13, 2014

Thoughts for your thoughts...

Yesterday, I was talking with one of my friends from the newspaper about TV. More specifically, Parks and Rec. I asked him if he had been keeping up with it recently, and he said, "No, I honestly haven't had time." Half-jokingly, I added, "Oh really? It's probably bad, but I put TV above everything else," and laughed. That was it, and we went on to talking or doing other things.

I went on with my day, whatever. But, for some reason later on, it started to replay over in my mind  and again as I've been sitting at my computer all day, still watching TV. I started thinking about that line a little more seriously. I really do tend to put TV above everything else, including God. Ouch! In the morning, I'll complain that I'm too tired or feel too sluggish to read my Bible and pray, yet I'll grab my iPad without thinking twice and start a new show on Netflix. Sure, television is great. Using your passion to create something that can affect so many? It's a fantastic art that really can change the world. But, God didn't give me talents and gifts to use them on shallow things, and honestly, I haven't been living to my fullest potential. It's fine to recap TV shows, music, concerts and the like, but I've been starting to feel that I want to write more with substance. I'm just not exactly sure of what at the moment.

Then, I complain that I don't have enough hours in a day to exercise, to get my homework done, to write for fun, or to read. Yet, I have plenty of time to chunk out a good 3 hours of my life to devote to my favorite shows on any given day. I say I don't see my friends enough (though most of that really is due to the fact that we all go to school and work at different times, so it's hard to work around schedules), yet at times when I have been invited, it just seems a bit more convenient to sit at home in comfy clothes and start a new TV show, daydreaming about what life could be like rather than just accepting it for what it is. Which is way more exciting and REAL. 

I think it's time to start managing my time a little bit better, so that I can be a bit more productive during the day.

We'll see how that goes.

That's all for now,

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