March 15, 2013

{Random Thoughts}

*As of now, I want a Keith Urban song played at my wedding; Making Memories Of Us or Your Everything.

*Speaking of Keith Urban... Listening to his music always makes me feel better!

*I really want to start my own magazine someday!

*My ringtone has been "Wide Open" by Jason Aldean for the past couple years, but I always leave my phone on silent.

*I have met some of the nicest people at concerts/tapings/fan club parties

*I update my bucket list quite frequently; I still need that hug from Keith Urban....

*It has always been one of my dreams to be on American Idol.

*PAUL JOLLEY JUST FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!! AH! and we totally had a conversation.

*I think if you follow someone on Instagram, and you are friends in real life, you should not be allowed to unfollow them! It's rude. And the same goes for Twitter.

*I have a sore throat, and I'm praying that I'm not getting sick again.

*I wish I would have pitched my reality show for my family to Ryan Seacrest the other night...Oh well, maybe some other time.

*I want to start making podcasts...Would anyone listen??

*I want to have a lifestyle blog/book someday!

That's all for now...Random enough for ya? Haha!


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