September 7, 2012

Weekly Review

It was nice having a shorter week, with the holiday on Monday, but it didn't really get me out of classes or homework, seeing as I have class on Tuesday and Thursday. Anyway, here's what my week was like:
  • Tuesday: Went to class; came home, worked on my room the rest of the afternoon
  • Wednesday: Went to the funeral of a church friend; such a sad situation. Please pray for the family she left behind :*(. It really sucks that funeral's are one of the main times that you get a chance to visit with people you haven't seen in awhile. But, it was really good being able to catch up with people who don't live in town anymore, go to different services or just don't go to the church anymore. When the funeral ended, my mom and I went to lunch with one of our close family friends at Chipotle, then ran some errands to look at wood flooring. 
  • Thursday: We got to Taft a little early, so we ended up driving around town and finding an antique store my friend had told me about. They had some of the neatest things EVER! There were a bunch of old cameras, radios, pianos, and other cool knick knacks. The owner was friendly too, and told us to come back in late September or October, when they start setting up for Christmas. Apparently it's going to look "magical." I CANNOT WAIT.  I went to class, and the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to finish up homework and start planning ahead for what I need to finish before South Carolina. Last night, when my dad got home, we had dinner at Outback. I'm finally a "regular" somewhere, where one of the waiters remembers us, and I believe is starting to remember what we get. I feel pretty proud about that. I can cross that off of my bucket list (yes, it was really on there). 
  • Friday (Today): For the first time in quite awhile, I actually sat down and did my quiet time with God. I've been slacking off, and it was time I get back into it. I ran several errands with my mom, and we decided to have lunch....just didn't know where to go. After driving all around town, we ended up at a fast food restaurant just down the street from us. Go figure! The rest of the afternoon has been vegging out on the couch, hanging pictures in my room, and now trying to get some homework out of the way. Later tonight, I'm going out with the girls for dinner and hanging out. It has been way too long since we've done this, so I'm EXCITED. Actually, that's an understatement. That'll deserve its own post. 

Check out the Sophia Bush interview on Refinery29! Fantastic article :)

 Some pictures I took around town where I go to school:

How I'm thinking of getting my hair cut. 

I think my room is finally complete now :)
Here's to a great weekend! I hope all of you beautiful people have a fabulous time :)

That's all for now,

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