September 5, 2012

Back To School

Last Tuesday was the first day of school, and I've been busy with starting classes up again and other things, so I haven't exactly wanted to talk about the first day. But, now seems like just as good a time as any, so here we go. I woke up around 8:30 or a little before, and just lay in bed for a few minutes. I'm not gonna lie, the first day always freaks me out. There are always a million questions running through my head, the paranoia that I'm going to walk into the wrong class (even though I have the right class number in front of my face looking back at me on the schedule), who is going to be in my class, what's the work load going to be, what's the teacher going to be like, etc. I tried to push them out of the way, and decided to get ready. I had a bit of time to kill, so I read my Joyce Meyer devotion and got on Twitter for a few minutes, while watching Phil Phillips on the Today show (which was a nice surprise). A few minutes later, I glanced down at my phone to see that SOPHIA BUSH had responded back to me! I was freaking out! It was definitely a great start to the day, if nothing else happened.

Spencer Hastings (PLL) inspired outfit

Finally, seeing as I still don't have my license, my mom drove me out to Taft, and I had to run a few errands. The drive never changes; same scenery, same long stretches of road, yet I enjoy the familiarity. I picked up my books at the bookstore, which ended up taking a lot longer than I'd imagined, but I still made it to class on time. I even ran into one of my friends from geography last semester and we caught up on each other's lives and agreed that we need to get together soon. Then, I made my way over to the classroom. I ended up talking to a couple really nice girls, and we sat together in the back. We went over the syllabus, and were introduced to some upcoming assignments. The one thing I'm really dreading is sitting in front of the class as they critique one of our pieces we submit, and we have to do it three times. Oh, and we can't say anything when they do. Like, I get the whole "critiquing" thing, but isn't it basically just public humiliation?! It's a lot different than I thought it would be. And it seems that we do a lot together as a class. I don't mind that, it just feels more like high school, especially when one of your old friends from high school that you don't talk to anymore is in the class, and it might as well be a stranger. No need to re-visit the past, gotta just keep moving forward. But, I'm not gonna say it didn't weird me out, because it really did throw me off quite a bit. It's especially weird when you both seem to just continue to ignore one another.
After class, I'd had an appointment to see the student service director, but ended up having to re-schedule. After an eventful morning, I was already ready to get out of there. I got home, watched a little One Tree Hill and started in on my homework, since I have a lot coming up pretty soon. Of course, there was a lot of tweeting, and even another tweet from SOPHIA BUSH. We're practically besties now ;). It was much harder to concentrate after something like that. Then, I had to emotionally prepare myself for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, which as most of you probably know, was incredibly intense.

All in all, it was quite a day and I'm in for quite a semester! You'll be hearing about it every step of the way.

That's all for now,

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