September 9, 2012

"Cause it's a girls night, it's alright...Without you..."

Friday night, the girls (Hillary, Ceci, Febe and Viviyan) and I reunited at "our place" which is Olive Garden. That was the first thing we ever did together as a group, and we hadn't been there in awhile, so we thought we'd revisit that little memory. It was so good getting to see them again! You don't realize how much you miss something, when you've done without it. But, when you're reacquainted with it in your life, you realize how much you need it. That's what it felt like.

We all had different colored pants on! 
We had quite awhile to wait, so we went outside to wait for the buzzer to go off. It took quite awhile, but obviously we filled the time with catching up with one another. I couldn't believe how hot and muggy it was outside...Isn't September supposed to be the start of cooler weather? Everyone is putting out fall decor, and it feels like mid July still. Crazy California weather! Finally, they seated us, and the air conditioned room felt so good. Ceci arrived, and the group was complete! We filled her in on some of the stuff she had missed, and she updated us on her life. We dished about boys, school, jobs, trips, and even advance planning to go to Disneyland for Ceci's birthday in November. Hopefully it all works out, because I've always wanted to go with just a group of friends! That would seriously be a blast! Then, we mentioned how insane life is. Who would've thought when we met just in November, that our lives had taken completely different turns? God is good, and is He is still working with me. I didn't have quite as much to add as them, other than my trip to South Carolina. But, I feel like He's been working more internally with me than my surroundings. That's the most important thing right now.

After we payed for our dinner, we went outside to talk a little while longer, because it was way too cold inside. Then, we all parted our separate ways. Hillary dropped me off, and since I was having issues with getting my front door opened, she helped me with that too! I don't know what was going on HAHA.

My heart felt really happy as I went to sleep that night. I always feel so inspired around them; they're go getters and have such big hearts; they're there for me anytime. Even if we can't physically be around one another, we're just a text away to say hi or that we need prayer, and those are the little things that matter most. They're the people that I want to be around, because just spending a little time with them, makes me want to be a better person, and that's what friendship should be-you challenge one another in a good way. And the best thing is...I don't feel left out with them. God knew we needed each other, and I now I don't know what my life was like before them, other than extremely lonely.

That's all for now,

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