May 21, 2012

The Weekend Review

It was the usual run of the mill routine. We woke up, got ready and ran the errands we needed to, then my mom and I met up with one of my best friends who's home for the summer for lunch at Chic-Fil-A. She goes to college in Michigan, so it's nice to have her back for awhile before she leaves for Europe to study abroad. It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside and just talked for awhile even after we'd eaten. She filled us in on what's going on in her life and we told her what was new with us, though it seems that over a period of time, nothing ever really is. Also, both of us wore purple and didn't plan on it. Best friends or what? ;-).
When we finished with lunch, my mom and I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up something for dinner and then to Kohl's because we had a coupon. I was never a fan of Kohl's for some reason, but they're really growing on me. They have a great junior department and good jewelry. I found a ring!
The rest of the night was spent relaxing and doing much of anything; giving me time to catch up on a little Vampire Diaries.

The next day, after trying to find chairs at Wal-Mart and figuring out where we wanted to eat, we went down to Riverside (which is in the LA area) to watch an air show. That's my dad's hometown.

My grandpa was in the air force and my uncle used to work on the Thunderbirds, so my dad's really into planes. We ended up not going into the base, we just sat on the grass in front of a gas station on the corner to watch, which was really just as fun. It was shady but there was a warm breeze; the perfect summer outing. It's a really nice area, looked really clean and safe. It was cool getting to hear stories about my dad growing up down there, talking about his friends and reminiscing on good times with his parents. I've always liked hearing stories about my family when they were younger, since they all had this other life before I came into the world. I like hearing what their lives were like when they were my age.
We met some really cool and interesting people that sat around us. There was one family from North Carolina; we told them we'd be in that area in September to visit Wilmington and South Carolina. They asked why Wilmington, so I explained that it was for One Tree Hill. They'd never heard of it, I said, "Oh, it's just this show that's been on nine years that I really like..." LOL. The guy was like, "Oh, I didn't realize..." Or something like that. They continued to say what a pretty town it was and said that Charleston was a great area as well. There was another family that was quite entertaining on our other side. The lady was telling her mom everything that was going on at work; bar fights, firings, etc. We were trying not to laugh.
The plane show was great! I've only been to one when I was about ten years old, so this was something different to do and my dad really enjoys it. He's such a sport putting up with all the Hollywood things and concerts we go to and never does much for himself, so I'm glad this worked out for him. We had a lot of fun. The Thunderbirds are incredible; so synchronized, they're like acrobats in the air.

When we left, we were all pretty hungry so we drove around trying to find something to eat. My mom spotted a Chili's from the freeway, so we decided to go there. I don't know if it was being in the sun all day or what, but we were all extremely witty and a little goofy! We had been playing the "Can you guess what song or artist is next?" on the radio game. We were totally wrong every time, but it was fun just throwing it out there. We were laughing A LOT! The scenery was gorgeous on the way from the restaurant to Dodger Stadium, so I got a lot of cool pics of the sun setting. There's seriously nothing like the LA skyline. It's so breathtaking! When you think about everything that happens in this city, it just sort of blows your mind. So many people come out here with a dream and not a dollar to their name to become someone. To be someone that others will want to remember in years to come! I guess some could say it is a different world out there. People are different, fashion is different and there are different standards to fitting in...but, if you ignore all can be a wonderful place to make things happen.

We got to the game at the bottom of the first inning, and it actually makes the game go by a little faster. No one scored until the 4th inning, and that's when the Dodgers really started fighting back. We were hitting runs and making great plays all night, and that's even without Matt Kemp. I guess we don't need him as much as we thought we did. Haha. Luckily, it didn't get too cold out there either. We all wore shorts because we weren't sure if we were going to go or not. And thank goodness for all the free blankets the Dodgers give every year, those really do come in handy. There were no celebrities to report on which is a shame...but maybe next time!

After the game, we stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts then headed home, while I entertained my parents with the amazing music I have in my iPod. Actually, that was pretty limited because somehow most of it came off when I decided to update it last time. Go figure! We stopped for a bit, and I tried watching The Vampire Diaries from Netflix on my phone, but it would cut out and the radio was too loud to I gave up on that. We made it home in pretty good time and I continued watching TVD there :).

We got to church a few minutes earlier so I could drop off some tickets to a friend who's in the band. We ended up talking TV for a few minutes (Vampire Diaries, Smallville, etc) and then I went back with my parents to sit down. It was a great message on how we need to use our gifts that God has given them, instead of wasting them. Sure, we've all made mistakes and screwed up pretty badly at times, but God can still use us in ways we never thought possible. "It's time to get back in the game," was the phrase of the day.
After church, I ran into Hillary and my other friend, Justus. It was good catching up with them, because it feels like forever since the Young Adults have really gotten together for anything. Justus just got back from Nashville where some pretty exciting things could be in store for him and his band. God is doing some great things for them. I can't wait to see where they end up!
I went to lunch with my parents at California Pizza Kitchen! Remind me not to get the Chipotle chicken pizza again. I've had it before but never can quite remember just how HOT it is. My mouth was on fire by the time I was finished; our waiter kept the ice tea coming. I was home for the rest of the afternoon just surfing the web, working on my new story series, and was feeling extremely anxious and worried. I decided to sit out on the front porch and do my devotional/quiet time with God. It really makes a difference in the way I act the rest of the day.

We had dinner at Panera and then went over to my friend, Mandy's new apartment. It's so nice! She gave us a grand tour of her place, and we all caught up on their trip to the Caymen Islands. They told us all about the people, the food, their experiences and all that. It opened my eyes to how stressful traveling out of the country can be, but it looks and sounded like they had an amazing time. The water was so crystal clear and blue; just like in those pictures you see made as computer wallpapers. However, all the little lizard/crab/toad friends they found around the hotel would probably freak me out. Later, Mandy showed me the clubhouse, the gym, the pool and the basketball court that are all just a few feet away from her. I can't wait to hang out there over the summer! It has a resort feel to it, like Palm Springs or some other resort. It would make it feel like vacation all year round.
We came home and watched the Billboard awards...or fast forwarded through most of them. There's so much garbage on most of these award shows, it's ridiculous. There were some really good moments of the night, like:

  • Kelly Clarkson-Dark Side
  • Carrie Underwood- Blown Away
  • Jordin Sparks-Tribute to Whitney Houston
  • Taylor Swift winning Woman of the Year
And that was my weekend! Now, it's time to get ready for the American Idol finale (more to come on that) and the rest of the week! :)

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

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