May 21, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season One Overview (*Spoiler alert*)

The Vampire Diaries Season One Overview
I always say I'm not into vampires, but somehow I always get sucked into things involving them. As a kid, I loved the movie Mom Has A Date With A Vampire and more recently I, along with the rest of the country, got into the series of Twilight. I was no twi-hard by any means. I just thought the books were really good and different from everything out there at the time. I was hooked for awhile, then my interest in it faded. By that time, everything on TV, movies and books had turned to all things dark including vampires. I thought it was stupid and Hollywood should be more creative with the projects it was up to. 
Fast forward about a year and here we are with my latest obsession: The Vampire Diaries. Everyone I had talked to that was into a lot of the same shows I like absolutely loves the show. I thought, well, maybe it's not so bad. Now that One Tree Hill is over and a lot of the shows for this season are coming to an end, I really wanted to try something new. I watched the first episode and I was hooked. In the first season, obviously we see a lot of introduction to the characters and I hear that this isn't even the beginning of the craziness in the story lines and what it does to people's emotions. 
Here are a few of my favorite/least favorite moments:
  • I wasn't a fan of Vicky, so honestly, I'm kind of glad they got rid of her. 
  • I was really sad we only got to see Lexy for one episode, but I hear I might see her again ;)
  • Stefan's birthday episode is a classic! SO GOOD and so much was established for the characters to be able to move forward with the story lines and others.
  • Damon is extremely witty and sarcastic, which I love! You don't want to like him at first...but you do and throughout the season he just continues to become more likeable. Probably one of the best and most complex characters on TV right now.
  • The way Damon cares about Elena is so sweet. I'm team Stefena, but I like the way he watches out for her when Stefan goes through his crazy phase.
  •  Seeing what Stefan is like when he's drinking blood is actually nice to see. It was a nice change that he had a crazy, intense side but that through it all Elena stood by his side and helped him get back to who he really was. A little freaky at first and you're wanting to yell at the TV for him not to do it, but he's a's a natural. Him fighting against it so hard is unnatural for a vampire to do. 
  • The love Stefan has for Elena is so deep and so much sweeter than Edward and Bella's. Paul Wesley is just much easier on the eyes than Robert Pattinson and a lot more charming too.
  • The connections of Elena finding out who her mom is and her showing up in town out of the blue.
  • I love all the relationships that are intertwined with one another and how close they are; their chemistry is undeniable. 
I'm getting ready to watch the season finale, then it's on to season two! AH!

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

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